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  1. Who is the v-sole for? Players that take deeper divots och players tending to hit thinner shots?
  2. Launch angle and spin is a bit low in numbers for being a 7 iron even if its strong lofted. I think especially i210 and zx7 would deliver better results on those numbers but I'm not sure about shaft.
  3. I removed the worst mishits. Wanted to get a good picture of the data on well struck shots. Also I changed clubs between shots so I had to remove some of them.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. These numbers came out with my current T200+KBS Tour 120g stiff. Note that the numbers are in meters and not yards. Do you think I'd benefit using a lighter shaft?
  5. It's not entirely forgiveness that I'm after at all. Kind of the next step in irons with a bit more feel, shot shaping abilities and perhaps another shaft. The T200 are strong lofted with quite low spin numbers.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm quite interested in all three but especially the i210. In my opinion it doesn't look as good as the others but that's not the most important factor. The T200 is quite strong lofted so I guess both i210 as well as zx7 will go shorter in distance.
  7. Hi, new to the forum Currently playing T200's with KBS Tour Stiff 120g. I'll either go with the same shaft or the lighter Modus 3 105. 170-175 yards with i7 at swing speeds around 82 mph. My ball strikes are a a bit inconsistent so I need some help from my irons. Been looking at P770, ZX7 and i210. I've tried all of them but have a hard time narrowing it down. Will get fitted either way but want to narrow the search down a bit first. Which one would you prefer and why in terms of forgiveness and feel?
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