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  1. I understand your thinking. What if we are simply rigorous about sending slow players home with a refund, never to be allowed to return. And PUBLISH that policy along with our average round times for the last month? I like the app idea of another member here the best so far, yet creating that app would not be cheap! I love the noodling we are doing here!
  2. Love all those ideas! And the free beers idea is now off the table for the reason you mentioned. That was me just trying to be friendly, not a good idea. California course.
  3. OP here: Love the additional ideas, keep them coming! Regarding people who try to game the system to get a free round: What about this, every time a person is given a refund, that refund is logged into the computer. After two refunds, the guarantee shifts to 4:15 minutes. I have not delved too deeply into the details of the systems, because I know you all will do the heavy lifting with your great ideas. Maybe I have 6 or 8 marshals, making it infinitely easier to keep everyone on track. Marshals are easy to find; paid with free golf that costs me nothing. Maybe we just have a public flogging of the slowest players once per week; sell half price beers to the cheering crowd!
  4. Love the suggestions! The details can be worked out, and I am more than willing to use the stick, because, frankly, if you are a slow poke, I don't give a s%^& if you want to play here - that is the whole point. Ty, I appreciate your input, and I hope you and Lacy are still happy.
  5. What do you think about this: I own a public golf course. One of the most complained about things in golf is slow play. My potential differentiator for my golf course: We guarantee that you will finish your round in less than four hours, or we will refund your money for the round, and buy you a beer on your way out. How do I keep this promise? Easy: 1. In all of my ads, I tell people that this is a 4 hour or less per round golf course. If you like the idea, come join us. If you do not, that is okay too. 2. When people book a tee time, whether in person, or online, they are told about the 4 hour rule - and told that it is because we love a reasonably fast round, and we know they do too. We let people know that we have systems in place to ensure their satisfaction regarding the 4 hour pace. 3. We record when your group tees off. You have, on average 13.3 minutes to pay each hole. There are three marshals that help play move right along. They are very nice, and very firm. If you fall behind by X amount of minutes, a marshal will politely inform you to pick up the pace. Stage 2 of slow play, you will be instructed to pick up your balls and move to the next tee box. 4. If there is any push back or snotty behavior toward the marshal in the face of this type of support, you will be told to leave, and that you will have your money refunded to you. 5. Stage 3 - continued slow play - bye bye. Nicely informed to leave - money refunded and beer bought for you on your way out. The details may differ, but you get the picture. My thought is that 5 or 10% of golfers will come and play thinking that these rules for participation are only a suggestion, and then be outraged when they are told to leave the course for breaking the rules of which they were duly informed. My other thought is that my golf course will be packed to the gills with smiling golfers who realize how easy it is to play a four hour or less round, and know that they will never have to complain about a slow round at this course ever again. Your thoughts? Viable idea, or not? Would you come play somewhere with this offer?
  6. Five. Out of the first eight holes. Then shot about 112 on the back.
  7. I am sad for you. I thought husbands and wives were there to support each others interests and dreams. I mean this.
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