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  1. This is off-topic and on-topic...considering that we're on our way to 100 pages of posts in this thread. If I navigate to WRX and go to this thread is there some way to automatically go to the last post I've read or the next post I haven't read? I spend a lot of time scrolling through pages to get to the new stuff. Thanks in advance!
  2. Green Jacket, Would you mind posting the exact case you bought and let us know how well it fits once you receive it? Maybe post a pic or two? Thanks.
  3. After reading every review and forum post and watching every YouTube video on rangefinders, I swallowed hard and paid the significant price for what I thought would be the best rangefinder for me: the Garmin Approach Z82. While I'm very impressed by the build and features, I have to say I'm having trouble getting it to do the very simplest task: rangefinding (flags, bunkers, targets, etc.)! I can ultimately get it to "lock" but I feel like I have to really work at it vs. my past experience with Bushnell, Nikon and Leupold. Am I the only one? Is this user error? Might I have a dud? Thanks in advance for any/all feedback.
  4. I was told the "real release" is expected in late-October/early-November. But who knows.
  5. I never even rec'd the pre-order e-mail that Bushnell promised in their Sept. 30th e-mail...
  6. Not sure if anyone can help but... I read that several of you used a 10% off coupon to purchase the Z82 you received from Dick's for signing-up for an e-mail list. I tried the same but the code was denied, "Promo code CODE does not apply to your items" Any ideas?
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