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  1. After reading every review and forum post and watching every YouTube video on rangefinders, I swallowed hard and paid the significant price for what I thought would be the best rangefinder for me: the Garmin Approach Z82. While I'm very impressed by the build and features, I have to say I'm having trouble getting it to do the very simplest task: rangefinding (flags, bunkers, targets, etc.)! I can ultimately get it to "lock" but I feel like I have to really work at it vs. my past experience with Bushnell, Nikon and Leupold. Am I the only one? Is this user error? Might I have a dud? Thanks in advance for any/all feedback.
  2. I was told the "real release" is expected in late-October/early-November. But who knows.
  3. I never even rec'd the pre-order e-mail that Bushnell promised in their Sept. 30th e-mail...
  4. Not sure if anyone can help but... I read that several of you used a 10% off coupon to purchase the Z82 you received from Dick's for signing-up for an e-mail list. I tried the same but the code was denied, "Promo code CODE does not apply to your items" Any ideas?
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