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  1. 1 hour ago, Nevek said:


    No, fusion tracking will be available for all Mevo+ units, but without the Pro package no additional metrics will be available

    Pretty sure we're talking past one another.  Everyone will get Fusion.  But Fusion is necessary to provide the additional metrics with Pro.  At least that's my understanding.  Either way, sounds like the plan is still to release at the PGA show.  Looking forward to it!


  2. 39 minutes ago, Nevek said:


    Fusion tracking has nothing to do with the Pro package.

    All of the additional metrics are listed on the FS website, with the release being expected for the PGA Show


    Well, Fusion Tracking will - at least partially - allow some of the additional metrics that will be offered in the Pro Package, right?  Regardless, I was connecting the two from a timing perspective.  I *thought* they were going to be released simultaneously.  But I'm sometimes wrong...just ask my wife.

  3. Has anyone heard any new news on the Pro enhancements to Mevo+ (addt'l metrics, fusion, etc.)?


    Also, as a new Mevo+ owner/user...  Can any of you vets tell me where I'd learn about software/firmware upgrades/improvements?  Now *how* to upgrade - that seems to happen automatically when I start a new session - but what upgrades have been made with a new software/firmware version.

  4. So after a lot of equivocation between BLP & Mevo+, I pulled the trigger on the FlightScope.  My use case - entirely outdoors - and frankly the fact that I was tired of all of the jerking around with the pre-launch stuff (1 minute to get an order in!?) made the decision for me.  Obviously we'll all have to wait & see if the Pro Package lives up to its promise.  


    But I have to say my one remaining hesitation about the Mevo+ is battery life - esp. in that I'm using it 100% outdoors.  1.5-2h seems insanely short.  It is a shame that they didn't build it with a 25% larger case and put a big honkin' battery in that would last all day or even multiple days!  I guess I'll use an external rechargeable battery with it?  Any better ideas?

  5. 49 minutes ago, Brimster said:


    That worked!  Thanks so much GolfTurkey!


    Well...  I guess the glitches from the "live event" caused a lot of the content to be lost.  There are lots of gaps in the replay where Henri is in the midst of answering one question and the video skips to him answering another questions.  Betting the FlightScope guys are PISSSSSSED at their conferencing vendor.

  6. 48 minutes ago, GolfTurkey said:


    Try going from here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/qa-with-henri-johnson/register?fbclid=IwAR2bEJ1RoX-78W_CMA---BOQlvN8B1B8hV7NCpILBjBE496Ge3CyfP7LD5w


    If that doesn't work (not sure if that's a personalized link) then go to https://www.facebook.com/FlightScopeGolf.  Near the top you will see a spiel about the Pro Package webinar with Henri Johnson plus a link to click to register (you can watch the replay on Crowdcast)


    That worked!  Thanks so much GolfTurkey!

  7. 3 hours ago, GolfTurkey said:

    Based on the Q&A with Henri Johnson, it seems that most of our hopes for improved accuracy for spin rates depend on the RCT ball. He said that the radar will still be responsible for reading spin even when Fusion Tracking is introduced.


    There was a question at 29:40 of the video (paraphrasing) "will the Fusion Tracking improve accuracy without the Pro Package" and unfortunately it glitched out and most of his answer was cut off, except for "yes it will at the end". If the radar is still measuring the ball then I wonder if this only applies to improved angle of attack accuracy.


    Where is the Q&A w/ Henri posted?  Can't find it on FG Instagram, YouTube or their website.  Thanks.

  8. 7 minutes ago, The Green Jacket said:

    It just arrived today and it looks like its going to be a perfect fit, i just have to pluck the foam out to its size but the perimeter of the machine looks to have the perfect amount of room around it.  I am going to use a dremel on the foam to make it fit perfectly but i'm sure just doing the pluck method would work fine too.

    Dremel on foam...  Pls explain.  I have a bunch of tool cases with "pluck foam" that I use for various purposes.  How would you use a Dremel for this purpose?  Which bit?

  9. 8 minutes ago, mgoblue83 said:


    Even Trackman doesn't measure face angle directly. Radar can't do that. It's a calculation based on ball launch data compared to club path (which is measured by radar). The good news is that the calculation is easy and accurate IF the ball data and club path are measured accurately. 

     Pretty sure I heard the same thing from Henri during the Mevo+ Pro launch event - measured, not calculated.  But I have the same question.  How CAN it make these MEASUREMENTS?  Calculations, I can kinda get.  But MEASUREMENTS?  Seems to me that it would be somehow making these measurements from the BACK fo the club.  If all clubs were uniform in shape, I suppose I could understand this process.  But they're not.  Compare the shape (depth, length, offset, etc.) of a mega-game-improvement club to a tour blade and it is almost like you're comparing the shapes of a hammer and a screwdriver.  This whole thing fascinates me.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Dan13 said:

    I believe Flightscope let slip early in the roll out that the Mevo + measures 80 yards of flight.


    Tracking flight duration appears to be the biggest remaining differentiator between the X3 and Mevo+ Pro.  There are others, but it seems tough to justify the 5X price difference between X3 and Mevo+ Pro, right?

  11. Apologies to those following the "Bushnell Launch Pro Device with Foresight" thread...this is an edited cross-post.


    Wondering if y'all will check my work.


    With all of the news around BLP/GC3 and Mevo+ Pro, I created this table to summarize features...




    How'd I do?


    Here's what's making me scratch my head...indoors vs. outdoors.  I currently have an R10 which is my first launch monitor.  Seems pretty obvs that either Mevo+ or GC3/BLP Gold will be a huge upgrade (as they should be - given the price).  But I only have a few weeks of experience with LMs - so I'm definitely a noob.  My use case - at least today - is 100% outdoor use for game improvement.  I have no plans for sim or indoor play.  IF - and it is a BIIIIIIG if - Mevo+ Pro IS as accurate as BLP Gold/GC3 OUTDOORS is seems like a no-brainer.  SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive and more data parameters.  Other than the accuracy question...am I missing something?

  12. 7 minutes ago, GolfTurkey said:


    Nice work. The Mevo+ with pro package will be unbelievable value for range use if the fusion tracking improves accuracy (and it's already pretty good outside). Almost the accuracy and almost the same data points as the high end LMs for a fraction of the price.


    You could add another row called "Accurate indoors". GC3 would be "Yes".


    Mevo+ would be something like: "highly variable, depending on ball flight distance,  distance to radar unit, slope and levelness of floor, mat and path back to radar, ball speed, spin rate, environmental noise, objects in the radar's "cone" of sight ( especially metallic objects) and lighting level for Fusion tracking".



    That's what's making me scratch my head...indoors vs. outdoors.  I currently have an R10 which is my first launch monitor.  So I have all of a few weeks of experience.  But my use case - at least today - is 100% outdoor use for game improvement.  I have no plans for sim or indoor play.  IF - and it is a BIIIIIIG if - Mevo+ Pro IS as accurate as BLP Gold/GC3 OUTDOORS is seems like a no-brainer.  SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive and more data parameters.  Other than the accuracy question...am I missing something?

  13. I've been reading this thread since the beginning - esp. the post-launch comments from those "lucky" enough to have purchased a BLP/GC3.  I'm very interested in buying a BLP with subx, but given my use case - 0% indoor with PC and 100% outdoor/range with iPad - I'm really wondering if it would be the right move.  The past several pages of feedback indicate that it'll work OK with PC but with iPad it is a dodgy proposition.  Any feedback?

  14. 11 hours ago, radiman said:

    Click on the black circle just left of the thread title. 



    Thanks for this as I didn't know about the "black dot"!  But it doesn't show-up under my "Manage Followed Content" drop-down (when you click on your username).  I'm guessing these dots only appear within the main list of threads?  Seems like a miss to me. 



  15. This is off-topic and on-topic...considering that we're on our way to 100 pages of posts in this thread.  If I navigate to WRX and go to this thread is there some way to automatically go to the last post I've read or the next post I haven't read?  I spend a lot of time scrolling through pages to get to the new stuff.  Thanks in advance!


    10 hours ago, The Green Jacket said:

    Just ordered a Nanuk hard case for my GC3.  I assume they will come out with a backpack/carrying bag for it eventually but wanted something to bring it to the range in in the meantime.



    Green Jacket, Would you mind posting the exact case you bought and let us know how well it fits once you receive it?  Maybe post a pic or two? Thanks.

  17. After reading every review and forum post and watching every YouTube video on rangefinders, I swallowed hard and paid the significant price for what I thought would be the best rangefinder for me: the Garmin Approach Z82.  While I'm very impressed by the build and features, I have to say I'm having trouble getting it to do the very simplest task: rangefinding (flags, bunkers, targets, etc.)!  I can ultimately get it to "lock" but I feel like I have to really work at it vs. my past experience with Bushnell, Nikon and Leupold.  


    Am I the only one?  Is this user error?  Might I have a dud?


    Thanks in advance for any/all feedback.

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