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  1. I got lucky this week and scooped these up for $200. Its an eye 2 plus set in red dot, 3-SW (3 and sw not pictured). Clubs don't seem to have a serial which I thought was odd but they do have zz-lite shafts.
  2. I used a 9mm reamer then a 3/8 reamer and used .370 parallel shafts at 1" depth.
  3. Thanks for the info! This is good to know. I'm getting a good idea how to approach this.
  4. I came across a set of used Ping G2 Irons in maroon dot (+5 degrees upright) and +2 length and thought they would be a good candidate set to try 1/single length irons. My understanding is cutting them will make the lie flatter, but since they're +5 degrees already I was thinking they would be close to good. Just epoxied my first set or heads and now this. Are there any concerns I should look out for? I was advised swing weight will not be the same, which im ok with.
  5. Just wondering, are there etiquette rules for this forum board. Not sure why you felt like sharing this but I don't find your post interesting, insightful or helpful in furthering the discussion.
  6. I picked up some iron club heads that I thought would be fun to assemble. I can't seem to find any info about the company and though I'd share them and see if anyone else might know about them. The seller was quite cagey about their origin, but they didn't seem stolen, and the price was good $10/set so I picked up 3 and went on my way. Its 2-9 + SW. All the heads are in about the same condition however one sand wedge says "Grand Prix" instead of Conquest, and has Brookshank engraved on the bottom instead of Rynek. A big reason I decided to take a risk on these were the "made in japan" stamp. Its a ink stamp and will come off, but it makes me feel better about the quality. The hosels are sized for tapered shafts but I think ill drill/ream them. This will be my first built up set.
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