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  1. Yes, thinking Mornington Peninsula after Xmas ... there are some great wineries but not much for kids (aged 9 to 13)?
  2. A friend and I will be playing in a charity event and are looking for a fun name for our 2 man team. Which of the following do you think is best? 1. The Silly Duffers 2. Unstableford 3. 4 Right! 4. Tee fore too 5. Left Right Out 6. Lateral Thinking 7. Chip onto the Shoulder 8. Thick and Thin Chips 9. Beginner Drivers 10. The Subpar Pair 11. Some Handy Caps 12. Another ProV1sional 13. The Roughy’uns 14. Outward Bounds 15. The Fringe Dwellers 16. The Double Bogeymen 17. Captain Bogey and General Penalty 18. Masters of the The Jungle Or if you have a better name, please share it here! Thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone know if the launch of the Full Swing Launch Monitor will be limited to USA, or roll-out globally at the same time? (Worried about how much longer these new products take to get Down Under!).
  4. Where in Australia can you take your family of young non-golfers for a 10 to 14 Day golfing holiday? (Basically, I'm looking to take them somewhere they'll be able to have fun at or near a golf resort and I can play some golf!). Grateful for any itineraries or recommendations my fellow Aussie Golf WRX Forum members can share!
  5. Website link for the Personal Launch Monitor: https://www.fullswinggolf.com/kit-pre-sale/ $3,999 for the Hardware which is supposed to show most (all?) the metrics FS/BLP is providing. More info required from Full Swing! Any more details in the email?
  6. Perhaps the LP will be compatible with E6 Connect?
  7. US$3k for hardware + different software packages: https://www.bushnellgolf.com/launch-pro/compare-launch-pro-software-packages?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Launch Pro - Launch Announcement - full - send (XZ3xji)&_kx=HL8BtB_JWjL2Ps9rT38tBG1ByjqgwZBMJc7anOU0njEp-8u3ZiLcNXJ3zathwDsz.XDCv4C&fbclid=IwAR3xTG0sKkEEu26KggYFuj2F_jf21FqDZJBY3gMvu80p47LmlS77xBUl9Mw
  8. Not sure why, but my local indoor driving range's Trackman 4 has often struggled to pick up my AoA, club path, face angle and other metrics with my wedges. And the Trackman is like super exxy!!! For the price, the R10 is good value.
  9. I have the Cobra XL Speedset (+1"). The set comes with a PW (45*) and SW (55*): https://www.cobragolf.com/cobra-xl-speed-complete-set My golf is improving (low 20s HC) and I'd like to add a Gap and Lob wedge. Grateful for advice on whether I go and purchase a new set of wedges (PW, SW, GW and LW) and if so, what lofts ... or keep my PW and SW and just add [anybrand] LW and GW. And if so, what lofts? Thanks in advance!
  10. Father's Day is coming up here in Australia and the kids would like to buy me some glow-in-the-dark golf balls. Has anyone tried the Night Eagle LED golf balls: https://www.golfbox.com.au/balls/night-eagle-cv-night-golf-ball-multi/ Are there any better ones out there? TIA!
  11. The Garmin R10 looks amazing for its price. I don't have room at home, so my local golf club and its practice net is probably the only place I could use the R10 on a regular basis. However, the practice net is one of those wire mesh enclosures (photo below). Would the wire meshing affect the Garmin R10 readings? Anyone have experience hitting into mesh nets with other launch monitors? (Also, anyone have an idea how much it may cost to replace and install a durable outdoor hitting mat?).
  12. Anyone else checking this thread for updates every few minutes? The Garmin R10 release is sooooo exciting! (Gushing!)
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