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  1. Quite a few great replies, thanks! Lots of love for Winn grips and the Wilson Duo ball. I already play the Bridgestone B XS, and I agree that it's phenomenally soft feeling. I might give a Wilson and the B RXS balls a go just to see what they're like! I might stay away from the TopFlite Flawless Lady ball though
  2. What - so the head covers were only on between the green and the next tee? Did they put them on next to the green, or did they put them on and take them off immediately again on the next tee?
  3. I like it soft! I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on what would be the absolute softest feeling setup a player can play, right from irons, ball, grips, perhaps even glove! Everyone seem to have their own definition of "soft", so I'll have a stab at explaining what I mean Un-clicky Low, thuddy sound Feel like the ball sticks to the club face for a long time No "impact shock"/reverberations What regulation conforming equipment would one use if optimising 100% for softness? Thanks in advance! Ps. This is mainly a thought experiment and a bit of fun, so let's keep the "whatever performs the best" stuff to a minimum Ds.
  4. I did this too when I played the AP2. For some reason I could get the AP2 GW (at 50*) much better gapped with its PW than I could a Vokey at the same loft. To answer the original question: Now I play a 47* PW, then go to a 50 Vokey and it's somehow worked out. Then I have a 54 and a 60 on top of that. I just went to Titleist and got fitted. I do like tinkering as much as the next guy, but messing around with the wedges is just too time consuming and expensive I found in the end. Too many combinations!
  5. To be fair - wokeness would make this whole process a lot easier. Most victim points and pronouns in their Twitter bio wins a spot. None of this merit or earning a spot malarkey. And let's face it - wanting to win too much is a colonialist mindset anyway, so it's not really a big deal anyway.
  6. Yeah for sure - I play for enjoyment, so I play whatever I enjoy the look and feel of. Obviously I do try to make sure there's performance in there as well. But if I have to chose between 7 more yards from an ugly driver or one I enjoy hitting, I'll go with the latter for sure. But obviously playing somewhat well is enjoyable too, so there are limits It's all a balancing act optimised for happiness!
  7. Why bring star signs into it? Not sure astrology is very wide spread amongst RC captains. Joking aside - yeah unlike many in this thread, I think chemistry counts for a lot. In no small part because players themselves keep saying it is. In many build-up and post-game/tournament interviews the Euro players put strong emphasis on the team morale and support from their team mates. I know we like to say things like "highly trained athletes", "professionals" etc. and there's no denying that they are.. But first and foremost they're human. They were human long before they were golf players, and that must count for something. Humans like and thrive under reinforcements, positivity and gets energised from those around them.
  8. Hey good looking bag! Going with what works for you is important - received wisdom is only a starting point. It's liberating once you break through. Long may you score well and enjoy your golf!
  9. I'm under the impression that she probably knew the rule quite well, as others have pointed out they were all warned about this before play commenced. The issue lies within their / her definition of "overhanging the hole". If you're 100% confident it's not overhanging (and it's very very possible that from her angle it's indisputable), there's no reason to wait 10 seconds. Just as you wouldn't on a putt that missed by a foot. Obviously in an ideal world she would have considered that there are different points of view, cameras at odd angles and 1990's-worthy quality that could possibly make it look like in a 1/10000000 type event it'd fallen in. But I totally forgive her for not thinking like that in the "heat of the moment" and with the obviousness the situation must have appeared with in her mind.
  10. Is this golf-karma? If so, sign me up!
  11. That's easy to say - until they launch "Callaway Moist - Herpes edition" I used to be quite firm in my pragmatism around golf as well, but I've slowly come to terms with the fact that how I "feel" about a club actually impacts how I enjoy my game, and by extension to a smaller degree my actual performance. And that includes looks and acoustics as well.
  12. So we establish that music while golfing is a matter of numbers. For you; that number is 400 yards. For others that is 50 yards. I hope with that you can find some sympathy for those who get frustrated and don't ask you as politely as you'd prefer. Because in their mind, "you started it", to put it into playground terminology.
  13. Weird, it must be a geographical thing. I hardly ever see sleeves anywhere, unless they're promotional. But I can't say I've ever seen the premium balls in sleeves just sitting on a rack for sale. I've never asked a pro shop to break up a dozen though, I'll try that next. Thanks for all the replies!
  14. I actually have nothing to add to this debate - so I'm just gonna go meta and congratulate you on winning "GIF usage of the day" here. Well played! But if someone's keeping score - I'm also pleased about this decision, and wish they took it further and eliminated the "mash potatoes" bollocks as well.
  15. It must be some regional setting or the wrong time of year - I can't see a single sleeve for sale on either PGASS or Edwin Watts. The smallest pack size one can filter on on the latter is 6, and that's a 6 pack of "Chromax" balls. Thanks for the responses though!
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