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  1. On the average green I play in Arizona, I expect a 7 iron (180 carry, Bridgestone Tour BX) to stop within a yard or two of where it lands.
  2. I’m no expert on this stuff, but my first thought was to go off percentages. 82/93 is 88% 7 iron speed vs. driver. I’m around 95/115 which is 83%. So I swing my driver a bit faster than you in relation to my 7 iron. How are you measuring swing speeds?
  3. Driver, 3 wood… 3 if you count the changeable weights in my putter.
  4. PXG Gen 4 0811X. I haven’t found a driver yet I don’t spin too much. So I just play what I hit well and don’t worry too much about it. It’s my swing. At 39 years old, I have a bad back, one fake hip, and need the other one replaced. I do some goofy stuff to compensate. Thanks, Army.
  5. I use a 9* bounce 58 on those and hit it with a square face. I aim slightly behind the ball and let the leading edge dig. No idea if that’s the best method, but it works for me.
  6. Does that PW have a grind mark where the 9 used to be? Your idea sounds reasonable to me.
  7. Glad to share some results. Couple things I’ll add… I won’t switch if my initial iron impressions hold true. It’s the strongest part of my game. And while saving money is awesome, I don’t lose enough balls to care. I’ll play whatever I think is better.
  8. @OspreyCI This isn’t very scientific. It’s 108 and humid right now so I don’t feel awesome hitting balls in the back yard. 1st pic is driver with MTB-X, 2nd is BX. I just took the first 5 drives that felt solid. Yes, I spin the ball a lot. My first impressions: -MTB feels great off the driver -BX feels a little better off my irons and seems to go a little farther -Numbers are close for both The MTB-X seems like a great ball. I’ll try them on the course for sure.
  9. They just got delivered. Pretty impressive considering I ordered them Thursday. I have a SkyTrak at the house so I’ll try to get some comparisons in a bit. It would take a lot to kick the BX out of my bag.
  10. I have a strong left hand and weak right hand grip. My right hand V pretty much points at my chin. It just feels natural to me. Strengthening the right hand also seems to put stress on my right elbow.
  11. That’s right about where I’m at.
  12. I just switched from MP5s to 0311Ts. I like them so much I gave the Mizunos to my brother. From a looks and feel standpoint, these are perfect. I’ll never get rid of them.
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