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  1. Found a set of titleist AP Irons for with junior shafts... Are these too heavy for 62" high girl 10 years old? They are a good price? or would i be better off to go to us kids
  2. Daughter swing speed in 60’s with 7 iron. Went to golf galaxy just to have her hit some ladies clubs. She hit some top flit. petites. Then some women’s sims. The sims. We’re considerably lighter than the top flites and she hit the 7 iron about 10-15 yards farther than the top flite. She is currently 5’1”. I am torn between junior and entry to women’s however I feel without buying a good set of women’s they will be too heavy. The sim 3 wood was about 1.5 too long for her. They didn’t have a demo driver in women’s sim.
  3. Sorry that’s what I meant was alto +
  4. are the new flynn vt max a better choice than the us kids ?
  5. i have not checked her speed but i would say its in the 70 range.. she has kids cobra now and i can see they shaft flex a ton on her driver.. what ladies clubs are the lightest?
  6. need help with new set of clubs for daughter. she is 10 and 60" I was looking at the us kids golf tour series 63-66 because by spring she will probaly be in that height range. Is there anything out there better? should I do their irons and different driver? She is looking to take it to next level,..
  7. My daughter is currently using the cobra junior set of irons for 52” and above. I am ready to get her a new set of clubs. She is currently 58” and around 100 lbs. 9 almost 10 years old. I have looked at Flynn and us golf? What’s everyone recommending
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