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  1. Test out the T300's, they are around $1100 depending on shafts
  2. I use the same clubs, I need to get better with the tools I am going to end up using on the course.
  3. He releases them online on member drops (there has been 2 so far) and I am sure you'll be able to get it only at the gallery.
  4. I think the TS, TSi Titleist hybrids have an upright setting
  5. My set up is 50-F-8, 54-S-10 and 58-K-14. You could maybe go a D grind instead of the S. Versatility is your friend.
  6. I have a 58 K grind. I only use it in soft bunkers and think fluffy rough around the greens. I use other wedges for tight lie situations.
  7. It as a local golf shop called Roger Dunn, they are under the Worldwide Golf Shops banner. I had a set of Callaway Rogue irons 3-PW, 2 Vokeys, epic flash hybrid, and a $100 gift card and got the set of T300's 5-58W graphite shafts for just over $500. Saved around $600. Could have made more selling individually online but it was worth it to be able to walk out with the new set right away.
  8. I will go against the trend of this feed. I recently purchased a set of the new Titleist T300's. Traded in a bunch of old clubs and got a big discount. While testing out different clubs, the Mizuno JPX 921 Hot metal irons were a close second. The T300's are long and super forgiving. I also got some lessons with the new clubs and my shot is more consistent now and distances are within normal range instead of short. I don't like to swing hard with my irons so these were perfect. They will be in my bag for a very long time, I highly recommend them.
  9. Same jjfcpa. I have the new T300's and use a simulator once a week and I can tell when I have hit it off the toe, and I use the data as validation of that feel. Also the ones I flush I can tell the difference, because it goes 15 yards further
  10. 1. What tech in the new CBX ZipCore excites you the most? Having higher MOI and the gelback feature on mishits. 2. How can the CBX ZipCore wedge help your short game? I am looking for a more forgiving wedge to match my cavity back irons. 3. What loft CBX ZipCore wedge do you want to win? 52, need a full shot and a playable wedge for around the greens all in one. Thank you.
  11. Mine is: 1. Driver 2. 5 wood 3. 7 wood 4. 5 Hybrid 5. 5 iron 6. 6 iron 7. 7 iron 8. 8 iron 9. 9 iron 10. Pitching wedge 11. Gap wedge (Same as Iron set) 12. Sand wedge (Specialty) 13. Lob wedge (Specialty) 14. Putter
  12. I am a regular shaft flex in my irons, hybrids and woods. Average swing speeds, however I tried a HZDRUS Smoke 6.0 80g in a hybrid and it was a match made in heaven. Now in the bag. Who knew!
  13. Here is my final set up made through 2021, ready for 2022! Driver: G425 Max 10.5* 5 Wood: G425 Max, -1* 7 Wood: G425 Max Hybrid: TS2 23* +2* Irons: 6 to GW, T300 Wedges: Vokey SM8 50F, 54S, 58K Putter: 1998 Tei3 Newport Long Neck Bag: Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag
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