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  1. Had my fitting today. Put into a split set of 921 Forged and Tour. The Callaway Apex and Srixon 5/7 were right there with them I just didn’t like the look of the Callaway as much and the Mizuno just felt better, to me, than the Srixon (although it was close). Didn’t get along at all with the T100, which were the ones I wanted to be honest. Great looking club just didn’t feel right.
  2. Good advice thank you. I, of course, like the looks of some more than others. Currently hit i200s and they are solid … just wasn’t fit into them and want to take that uncertainty out of the equation.
  3. Have an iron fitting tomorrow and hoping to come away with the Mizunos or T100. Will give my 2 cents afterwards… which is about what it’s worth lol
  4. Changed drivers and it made a big difference, but I attribute most of that to the Velocore shaft.
  5. Yes, it made it to the course ok . . . at least until the back 9 lol. I just scheduled a fitting so I'm sure that will take care of the issue. Thanks.
  6. Well, I had my Ventus Blue 6x all dialed in at the range with my M1 head. Hitting really nice drives that get up above tree level 20 feet or so and stay there. Trees at end of range at 300 with a really good strike I can carry it in. Anyway, I go play today and decide to splurge for some ProV1s. Thought I needed low trajectory and low spin. Wrong!! Lol Don’t get me wrong… hit some fabulous drives but they struggled to get tree height. I had moved my slider weight all the way forward and about the 6th hole moved it back for some carry. How do you guys dial this in? I guess I was naive in thinking the range ball trajectory would be similar to a good ball. I figured the better ball would fly longer but had no clue it would fly so much lower and I guess with less spin. Do I need to find a Trackman?
  7. I have a TSI3 19 (or 20 can’t remember) with that heavy smoke shaft. I like it when hit well but it’s no high flyer. I’ll be interested in the responses too.
  8. I went from Ping Eye 2s white dot to i200 white dot 6-W to i200 green dot 4-G. Had one set for 25 years and the other 2 inside a month lol
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