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  1. @AldilaGolf I just got the proto 1.0 but havent had a chance to hit it yet. What is the difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 prototypes?
  2. Can anyone tell me where you are ordering these irons from that will ship to Canada?
  3. Is there anyway you could add a face on pic to see how a smaller face looks like?
  4. I've been playing a PX 6.5 soft stepped once, would I soft step a Modus 130x or 130s straight in? Thanks for any feedback.
  5. These are my set that tobybear was kind enough to build for me. He is someone whom I've had other sets built in the past and the quality of the work absolutely phenomenal. If anyone is local to Ontario and need work done I would absolutely say you definitely need to get in contact with him for builds. I also have to say that Patrick from National Custom/Boyd Blades is also a treat to work with if you are in the market for custom ground irons. I've had a few sets made by them and Don White in the past when they were Scratch golf using their AR, EZ and MB blanks to their big blade blanks they
  6. Anyone have a recommendation for a 15 degree 3 wood flex and tipping wise? Around 105-110 usual carry 260
  7. Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows where to get a oem or close to oem ferrule that fits the 2017 M2 hybrid. I believe it is .370 diameter.
  8. I am thinking of pulling the trigger and getting a set as well but am just afraid of the pw. Would you be kind enough to post an address pic of the pw?
  9. question for the more experienced guys here, what shafts are the stiffest based on profile in the 120gram weight. I know as you go up in weight it generally goes up in stiffness, but based on this particular weight, what would you feel is the stiffest? Thanks
  10. New irons, very true probably new next year. But I'm afraid of any damage to the shaft when I hit my 7 iron 200 yards over water and don't want the shaft snapping in half. Jk. All kidding aside there is some rust powder/flakes coming out on some tho
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