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  1. For those that are interested, in the comments section on the Flightscope twitter account, they say they are getting closer to a deal with GSPro but are still trying to work out the details.
  2. Not sure if this has been posted, but here's another video with the RCT ball and Trackman. Doesn't seem to offer anything new compared to previous video comparisons with Trackman/GCQuad. In this video, it looks like all versions of the titlesit ball performed well. Near the end, the rep confirms what's been talked about here....the radar has a hard time picking up the gear effect. Although the tester was saying the italicized number did seem to be pretty accurate based on his past experience.... My hope is they do a test with the flightscope in the near future.
  3. Sounds pretty good so far. Do we know when Flightscope will officially recognize the RCT ball? Before or after Christmas?
  4. Sounds like more good news. If I remember correctly, someone on the other simulator forum said they had 20% italicized readings with the RCT ball when the ball to screen was 8 feet (I think this was with driver). When he pushed it back to 10 feet, I believe he said he got very few or zero italicized readouts. Very much looking forward to the GC3 comparisons. Yeah, so when Flightscope officially optimizes the app with RCT, coupled with the Fusion Tracking release, things can only get better. I dont see how it can get worse. Maybe nearly on par with a GC3...hopefully.
  5. Sounds pretty good so far. Maybe those italicized readings will go down once Flightscope updates the app and/or pushes out some new firmware. Please keep us updated with what you find...especially with woods.
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing this info. Looks impressive. KEep us updated with whatever else you may find in the days to come---such as distance numbers, spin axis and shot shapes, and any sort of gear effects with driver...especially driver data. Thanks so much!!
  7. So I'm just spitballing here, because I know next to nothing about radar technology, but my hope is, that the RCT ball COMBINED with the upcoming Fusion Tracking will help the mevo read the driver strikes better and produce better resulting numbers. I could be wrong though.
  8. It looks like the Titleist RCT balls are up for sale on their site. Has anyone ordered any? Looking forward to what people here have to report about their efficacy with the MEvo plus.
  9. YEa, so I read somewhere if you join the GSPro DISCORD server group, you can find information on what users are up to. There was talk of a workaround of getting GSPro onto the skytrak, but they are still tinkering with that. Apparently, in the first Instagram Live chat earlier this week, I believe the Flightscope founder or sales director hinted at integrating GSpro with Mevo plus in the future. But he was very vague and didnt give any details. Maybe you can find answers on the GSpro discord group.
  10. HAs anyone followed up with Skytrak to ask about more details regarding their new product?? With Garmin, Bushnell, Flightscope and now Full Swing putting out new devices or upgrades, I am eagerly awaiting to hear what Skytrak has in store. For me at this point, Im focusing on the Mevo plus and whatever Skytrak has in store. I'm leaning towards Mevo, but really want to know if Skytrak has an ace up their sleeve. Thanks!
  11. I think the flightscope founder is doing another Instagram Live presentation today. Did anyone happen to see it and can pass on the bullet points of it here?
  12. So someone on the other golf simulator board made a summary of the instagram live presentation. I've copied it below. I hope this is allowed. I found it very useful and helpful in addition to what was posted here. Credit is given at the bottom >>> I just watched the Flightscope Instagram Live video. Key takeaways were: - Pro package launch date is January 22 (PGA Show). One time upgrade fee of $1000. - It basically makes the Mevo+ into "Mevo+ Pro" unit for life. (it cannot be decoupled, hence transferrable) - Club path / face to path accuracy will be wiithin 1 degree (confirmed by Henri himself in the video) - Pro package club data are all measured, made possible by the separate fusion tracking upgrade. - There may be a promotional upgrade price for existing Mevo+ owners before the launch - Face impact location will be X3-only and won't be added to Mevo+ pro package. - No club face stickers are needed. - Club head speed tracking (with swing plane) without hitting a ball is also coming. (ready by PGA show) - Fusion tracking is a free firmware upgrade to all Mevo+ units and is not part of the pro package. - Fusion tracking firmware upgrade may come sooner than the PGA show - Fusion tracking will improve accuracy for all clubs - Built-in camera is good enough. There may be a lighting requirement however. - Titleist Pro V1 RCT balls were tested with good results. Joint press release will happen soon. - Integration testing with the "game that cannot be named in this forum" is ongoing, and will come. - PC app is coming but won't be ready by PGA show. So seems it'll be later. (MAC also) - They are trying to migrate most things into a single FS Golf app. (even some VX stuff) - Alex hinted that a video app with multicam support is coming to Mevo+ (for everyone) Last edited by aussiebenny; <<<<<
  13. And do you know if the fusion tracking will help with accuracy with INDOOR ball flight? Or does it only help with outdoor ball flight? Thanks again
  14. Do you know if fusion tracking will help with accuracy for ALL clubs, or will it help for just chipping and putting? Thanks
  15. Hi, So I have become confused once the official announcement was made. Can someone clear something up for me. If all I'm interested in is TGC or GSPro, can I wait until a hack is developed and purchase the 3000 Launch Pro without a subscription package??? Or would that not be possible?
  16. HEre is a very vague video about Fusion Tracking. If anyone has owned an X3 and would like to elaborate, please feel free..
  17. Hey, I just realized this, and I may be behind the curve, but GSpro announced their release date. ITs coming OCtober 1st. 500 dollar for a lifetime subscription. And also theres a yearly sub. https://gsprogolf.com/ PRICING We promised to offer the best simulator software on the market, at the best price possible, and we did not disappoint! With two affordable options available, we have made it possible for everyone to get involved. GSPro Lifetime $500 You own it, forever! Includes all updates to the purchased major version 4K Graphics Driving Range Community Course Support Online Multiplayer* SGT Online Tour (Requires SGT Subscription) GSPro Annual w/Simulator $250 / year $200 / year Special introduction price. Lock in at $200 a year for the lifetime of the subscription. (promo ends 11/1/2021) Includes updates for the life of the subscription 4K Graphics Driving Range Community Course Support Online Multiplayer SGT Online Tour (Requires SGT Subscription)
  18. Looks like these guys fixed their landing page compared to earlier in this thread https://www.bullseyegolfsims.com/bullseye-lm/
  19. I agree. A definite bummer. Maybe they wanted to wait and unveil it during the PGA show in January?? Who knows. In any case, the FullSwing Kit is supposed to be announced this month. That should give us something to chew on until the LP is released.
  20. Whoops, I am getting old. Didn't notice they mentioned the launch date in the message. I am embarrassed. Dont know if I can delete my previous post.
  21. Cool, thanks for sharing this info with us. Looks like it has pretty promising club data. Now we need to know when they are releasing this thing to the public. I'll speculate again. Since they called this Tiger's launch monitor, my bet is it will coincide when Tiger returns to the tour. Probably sometime next year in 2022.
  22. Not sure where I read this, it was either somewhere on this forum or on another golf simulator forum board, but someone briefly mentioned that they heard UNEEKOR MIGHT be working on a portable launch monitor. Again, I dont have the link and I dont want to get anyone's hopes up as its just a rumor, but still good to know. Know hope.
  23. Cool, thanks for sharing this. Like someone mentioned, their website doesn't inspire all that much confidence. But offering GSPro as one of the software choices does sound intriguing. Hopefully they will be at the PGA show in January and we can learn some more about their product.
  24. So with Garmin and Bushnell/Foresight surprising everyone this summer in the PLM space, I thought I would take this time to ask if anyone knows, or would just like to pontificate on which company might be next in producing the next affordable home LM. With these announcements of devices costing between 600-3000 dollars (The Tiger LM, the Fullswing Kit costs around 4k I believe), the days of paying 6k-20k for an LM for an amateur to use at home appear to be over. Given that Garmin and Bushnell can essentially use economies of scale to produce these at lower costs (I know there are other factors), I wonder why other companies haven't done something similar. I am essentially thinking of companies like Samsung or Apple. They have been working with cameras and optics for roughly the past 15 years. Since both companies are capitalized at close to 1 trillion dollars, you would think they might consider putting out a low cost golf LM. Especially in Samsung's case. Isn't virtual golf very popular in Korea? Wasn't the UNEEKOR co-developed with Korean engineers? Given the vast scale, putting together a reliable sim LM should be somewhat easy for them. Also, what about companies like Callaway or TAylormade? Given their size and knowledge of the golf consumer, maybe they could put together an affordable home LM for their customers. I would happily buy a sim from them if it was reliable and at the right price point. The PGA Show is coming up in Florida shortly after the new year (not sure if its virtual or in person this time), so I wonder if any new devices will be announced. If anyone has any insider information, or would like to speculate on what might be upcoming in 2022, I think this would be a good space to share. Very exciting times going forward.
  25. I'm in complete, 100% agreement with Rory4pres. Who knows what else will be announced 18-24 months from now. Maybe Skytrak will finally release a skytrak sequel. Maybe Garmin might release this photometric LM unit they have a patent on--- https://patents.google.com/patent/US20200398138A1/en?assignee=garmin&oq=assignee:garmin&sort=new As flawed as the R10 appears to be, Garmin does seem to do a decent job of keeping its golf product and software affordable. In fact, they mention it several times in that patent filing how they want to build a "low cost" photo LM. If Foresight is going to charge another 1-3k for software, its simply too much. I'll keep waiting...
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