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  1. Im a pp58 guy through and through. Ive used one for so long that nothing else feels right. Even down to the texture of the ping letters on my fingers make it just feel right and the comparable golf pride feel weird, very similar, but not the same.
  2. Hey boys, new here but not the game. I was born and raised in the Panhandle of Florida and 33 years later I am still here. I got in to the game early in life (uncles that still play almost daily). Played competitively with the AJGA and the GPJGA (Greater Pensacola Junior Golf Assoc.) then high school rolled around and I decided to play baseball instead of golf. I was also very competitive in baseball, we won a state title and I had a lot of fun on that team, but looking back I wish I would've pursued competitive golf instead (hindsight is 20/20). I still played some through high school, though not as much as I did before and obviously my game suffered. I then went to Gainesville for college (Civil Engineering) where I started playing a lot again and got my game back to scratch. UF Students got steep discounts (many times free) at the local courses so golf was CHEAP and I played A LOT. Then when I graduated I went into career hustle mode and put the clubs down for a few years. I then got married and now have 2 kids (4 & 2) so time is limited, but ive started trying to play once a week and get my game back. Ran across this site looking for some info on a few clubs before I dropped some cash after a fitting and started lurking. A few months later and here we are. TLDR: used to play a lot of golf recreationally and competitively, stopped playing for a few years, back in the game now.
  3. So I took it one step further and reached out via their website. I asked for any timeline update since "late September" seems unrealistic at this point, I asked about what metrics would be measured vs calculated, and what accuracy should be expected. I also asked about included software and 3rd party compatibility and this was the response I got. Not any info we don't already know, and very vague, but I still wanted to let you guys know what I was told. Based on the marketing and the vagueness of this response my hopes are not high that we will even see this thing before Christmas, at least not enough units to reach us "normal people." " Hi Mihcael- We plan to launch the KIT to market very soon as it’s in the final testing phase in Scotland with the R&A. Your continued patience is much appreciated. With the Full Swing Kit, you will be able to get 16 points of data feedback after each shot, as well as swing 1080p HD Video Capture. 1. Carry Distance 2. Total Distance 3. Side Carry 4. Side Total 5. Apex 6. Launch Angle 7. Horizontal Angle (Ball Direction) 8. Attack Angle 9. Club Speed 10. Ball Speed 11. Smash Factor 12. Club Path 13. Club Face 14. Spin 15. Spin Axis 16. Face to Path Thank you again, Grant Callahan"
  4. I know at one time I read that these were supposed to ship in late September. While I know anytime someone gives a projected ship date you should not expect said item at that time I was just curious if anyone had heard anything through the grape vine. With the Launch Pro coming and all of the R10 discussion my interest in this product has peaked again.
  5. Great sticks. Absolutely love mine, its the only club in the bag I can confidently hit any shot shape with.
  6. In the same situation. The Golf Pride "tour tradition" is the closest I've found and it feels basically identical to me. I only bought 1 to get me by until the pp58s are back in stock because is still prefer the blackout pp58 aesthetically.
  7. I go straight from driver to 2 iron then to 4 iron. Ive been toying with the idea of putting a 3W back in the bag, but the main few courses I play i just find myself never hitting it so I took it out and added an extra wedge which I also dont really ever hit, hence the reason for considering going back to the 3 wood.
  8. I have hit a few different ones. My uncle and cousin both have a set and i hit a couple during my fitting as well (ended up with mp-20s). They were not bad by any means, but they were not good enough to justify the price in my opinion. They felt better than some of the top brands to me, but not as good as others. I think its extremely subjective and for me just did not work as well as some other brands. I also have never fell in love with any irons from ping, but I have a buddy who will beat my eyes out with a set of iblades. Its all subjective.
  9. MP20 MB / MMC combo set with PX6.5 and standard golf pride MCCs arrived 2 weeks ago. Took 5 weeks and 3 days.
  10. Just went through the same research. My conclusion was basically that there is nothing really that special about the circle T except for the exclusivity. If thats what your after than by all means go for it, but if your in it because you think it will make you a better putter........ it wont. Thats only my opinion of course, others may say it gives them more confidence or something, but i could not feel any discernable difference in the circle T's i was able to try out and my OTR scottys.
  11. I agree with the guys above, your more just practicing form and routine at home. I mean you can really drop some coin on one of those pro putt systems if you have the space, but nothing can really emulate grain etc of a real putt. Most everything you do at home is simply stroke and routine reps to make sure thats not whats holding you back when you get to the course. FWIW I just use a perfect practice mat. You know, the DJ one.
  12. Interested in the ventus black 7x. Cant send you a PM for some reason (maybe because I am relatively new here) so maybe you could initiate a PM?
  13. Im a non insert guy too. Just really prefer a true solid milled face.
  14. My main is a Scotty studio select newport 2 and my backup is a Rife Aussie. I have a garage madison on the way that will probably replace the Rife for sure, and possibly the Scotty.
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