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    Wedge setup

    Thanks for all your feedback, looks like I should look at the Sim2 gap wedge to close the distance gap between PW and SW for full shots, hopefully that feels very similar to my original Sims from last year. As a younger, rather athletic type of player in my late 20s distance is not really the issue in the long end, but consistency and precision. Therefore I don’t see the need for one more club here, since distance gaps are quite even from Driver to 3W, 5W, 4H, 5 iron… As of now I do almost all approach shots within 100 yards with the 54SW and really like to play around with shot types, open face etc., not just hitting straight, square face shots, which so far worked out ok for my level (well, with some drastical mishits of course every now and then). But this was exactly the intention for a LW, not having to play the SW quite floppy when short sided and with fast greens (with high risk and varying return), but be able to move to more of a standard chip that still lands soft and sits faster, that can be repeated more often then “specialty shots”. I guess everything that brings more consistency to my game would help, since my spread of scores is huge at the moment, from low to mid 80s at best, to over 100 when things don’t work and I lack consistency again.
  2. Fore444

    Wedge setup

    Hi everyone, I’m quite new into golf, been playing since last year, currently at hcp 20. After playing a while with my set of TM Sim Max irons I’m starting to feel like a few more short game options would be good on top of the strongly lofted 43.5 degree PW and 54 SW. Does it make sense to go for the sim2 AW and LW since they should feel similar and at 49 and 59 exactly fill the loft gaps? Or should I rather switch to dedicated wedges like the SM8, MD Jaws etc. in eg. 48, 54, 60 and replace the SW. Also, bounce of the Sims is 9 degrees on AW to LW, wouldn’t it make sense to eg. have a high bounce SW and low bounce LW for variability? I was happy slowly figuring out my setup on the long end of the bag, but with all the options on wedges with bounce, grinds etc. I’m just confused what would fit my game.
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