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  1. Look, if you like them, good on ya! I shot a 78 this morning with my my new Tommy Armour Impact 2.0 wide putter in the bag, I’ve moved on. I wish you would to. All it takes is a simple google review search on Bettinardi to see all the customer support complaints they’ve received. I get it l, you are a fanboy, God bless you.
  2. I like the putter, it has a great feel, I just didn't know it was carbon steel when I bought it and Bettinardi doesn't provide any stickers or literature about the care that must be taken with such putters. I guess they figure you would know that if you are spending that much money for a putter but, in my case, I got it on sale at the PGA golf store. It was rolling well for me that day, was on sale for $180 so I bought it on a whim. On a side note, I've switched to the Tommy Armour Impact No. 2 Wide and I love it, put the Bettinardi in my travel bag. I will say this, I was not impressed with the customer service Bettinardi provided me but I know that has not been the case for others, they had great experiences. I'd just say do your own research, reach their reviews, I've seen similar complaints about their service on google reviews. Cest la vie, I've moved on at this point but I am sure it will be great for you with the right care.
  3. Pop culture reference, from the show Dexter. He makes reference to his dark passenger and the dark place throughout the show. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, season 1 and 4 are the best, IMHO.
  4. I'm gaming the PTX Pros but you need to be a pretty pure striker to maximize them. I've actually been curious about the new Edges, released this year, did you ever pull the trigger?
  5. Yes, that is because you were educated on carbon steel, I was not. All of my previous putters were stainless steel, and I did not have these issues. I think somebody made a good point, why not put some information on the putter saw the consumer is aware?I think somebody made a good point, why not put some information on the putter saw the consumer is aware?
  6. You are all class, appreciate the kind words. I respect the passion from the site members, several have been exceedingly informative and helpful, others, not so much. With that being said, I think it is important we keep this in context, we are talking about a putter here, not world peace. But, it's the internet and everyone is an expert or tough guy from the other side of the keyboard. No hard feelings from me and, once again, thanks to those that provided useful and informative tips, you rock!
  7. We’ll, they could’ve said that your putter is carbon steel and is susceptible to heat and humidity, like others on this site have done. What about the concept of answering a question are you having issues with?
  8. That’s good because I never asked for one, try reading the thread. All I did was send Betti customer support a simple question.
  9. What’s your point? I asked for information, no more. Have you even read this thread?
  10. Captain Obvious! I really like your commercials.
  11. Those look great! I bet I could smoke you with them.
  12. I never checked with the PGA store, like I said before, I only contacted Bettinardi with a simple question, I never asked for a refund or an exchange. Incidentally, this site has been exceedingly more helpful than their customer service rep. The disappointment with Bettinardi is not with the product but their support.
  13. Your comments have been, by far, the most helpful. Thank you for contributing and God bless you.
  14. I'm going to have to disagree. Yes, we have dings on the top-line but the rust is all over, even in areas that are perfectly fine. The rust is a combination of Houston humidity, insane heat (I keep my clubs in my car trunk) and me not understanding how to care for carbon steel. Yes, there are dings, but they have nothing to do with the rust. Thanks for your exceedingly positive feedback though.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the education, I literally just putted in the store and picked up the Bettinardi because I liked the feel. To be completely honest, I didn't even realize it was carbon steel, requiring special treatment. With that being said, I'm going to make sure to use the head cover between holes to reduce additional bag chatter dings and I am going to embrace the rust! Hopefully this post can be helpful to another newbie that lives in a hot, humid environment and is considering carbon steel. I still think Bettinardi's customer service was pretty piss poor but I'm feeling a little wiser and a lot less pissed off than I was before...so thanks to all! BTW, this is my first post on this site, looking forward to exploring it much more and learning lots of wonderful things about the game I love.
  16. Yea, it's all good, I will just play with the dinged up rusty Bettinardi putter that I got for $180, no worries from my side. @MrGrumpy I used the "Contact Us" button on the site, not sure if that leads to warranty, as you said, most companies have a general customer support team. TBH, I may find someone that has a sandblaster and I'll remove all the rust and finish myself, maybe paint it another color, put it in my travel bag. Then I'll head down the road to Academy Sports and Outdoors and get me the $25 Augusta putter, which won't rust.
  17. It looks this way because of the rust. I play three times a week and I am in the swamp known as Houston, which has insane humidity. I wipe down the putter after each round and I use the putter cover that came with it. I do keep my clubs in the trunk, so that heat factor contributed to the rust, I am guessing. Despite all of this, I've had tons of putters....Wilson, Odyssey, pings etc... and none have rusted like this, under similar conditions. But the crazy thing is, I was just asking them a question, I never asked for a refund or an exchange. Worst customer service I have ever seen.
  18. I bought a 2018 Bettinardi BB1 putter from the PGA golf store in 2020. The putter was in brand new condition, never used and still in the wrap, and the PGA superstore is an authorized seller for Bettinardi. After less than a year of use, my putter began rusting and I contacted Bettinardi, to no avail. Here was there response to me: Our warranty is a one year from date of purchase if bought from Studio B, as stated on our website. as follows:Bettinardi will only honor refunds/exchanges on items purchased directly from the Bettinardi online shop or in person at our Studio B facility. If your putter or wedge was purchased from another distributor, you will need to contact them directly as they will be able to provide more information on their refund/exchange program.In order to receive a refund for a putter or wedge purchased via the Bettinardi online shop or Studio B, the putter must be returned new and in shrink wrap for a full refund to be issued. The product must have been received within 14 days to be considered for a refund. To be clear, I didn’t get this response until I followed up three times. The first time the rep, Pam, said the putter looked kind of beat up and asked if I use a head cover. The second time she suggested I send it to them for refinish, which would cost me $200, when I only paid $180 for the putter new. On top of all that, I never asked for a refund or an exchange, I just asked if it was normal for this model putter to rust like this, Pam took it to the dark place. At this point, I’m absolutely disgusted by their customer service and product quality. I’ll be selling it on Mercari very soon and will never do biz with Bettinardi again. I just wanted to share this experience in case anyone wants to buy one in 2021, this is the level of customer service you can expect. Pictures attached.
  19. I bought a 2018 Bettenardi BB1 putter at the PGA golf store in 2020. It was new and in the packaging when I bought it and it has the “stealth black” finish. Is it normal for this putter to rust?
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