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  1. Awesome- the Bio cell woods are some of my favorite of all time. Love the bag, too. Gorgeous irons man, you rock ‘em!
  2. Well, if you really want to test your ballstriking, the cobra rf proto irons have 0.64mm across the entire set. Not only that but the hosel has no taper which makes it seem like there is virtually no offset at all, and well there really wasn’t really a whole lot to begin with soooo…
  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Those have to be the best looking irons I’ve seen in a while. They’re frikn Star Wars themed.
  4. I play the Vice pro plus currently and used to play the pro v1x. I find that the vice is a little softer and I really like the way it feels when putting, and it flies very straight. It is super long off the tee, maybe a hair longer than the prov1s. The compression on the vice is a little nicer too, I think it contributes to the softer feel at impact since it requires less speed for ideal compression. They launch nice and medium, and spin pretty well on irons, though I do think the prov1s spin slight bit more on wedge shots but it’s not a big difference. Overall I like the vice more mostly because of the compression, feel, looks, and of course I love the line to line up putts with.
  5. MMC’s have a softer, and more buttery feel than the P7MC do, though they still feel really great. I think the MMC launch a little higher too, and spin just a bit more which I like. I also think that the MMC’s are a little more forgiving and easier to hit, though they are just as workable as the P7MC are. Also the P7MC have a slightly thinner top line.
  6. Very true theory, though I do think even though they are frustration playing blades for a while can be somewhat of a training aid. I mean it’s not gonna totally change your swing, but if you have to try to find the center than blades could be good for helping your strike become more consistent. But you can also play something in between, like me I play the mizuno mp-18 SC irons (split cavity) they offer a decent amount of forgiveness, but your not gonna completely get away with a bad strike, it will still slightly punish you. But I love them because they force me to be, well, a half decent ball striker.
  7. Yeah I was wondering how you were gonna come back to that but that was pretty dang good
  8. Abraham Ancer is the only one that comes to mind. He is sponsored by miura. I know he uses some of there wedges, I don’t know which ones but then he uses the TC-201 irons.
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