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  1. As a recent owner of hackmotion I agree. It’s a pretty awesome gadget but just don’t know how to use it properly. Will have to spend more time with it. DTL and FO videos are good enough to figure out your swing I think. Exact angles aren’t necessary.
  2. This probably isn't anything new, but could be a different way to think about it. I think it helped click in my head how to to properly learn how to swing the club. We've all heard feel isn't real, and it isn't about that, but it's more about how important getting that feeling is. Imagine if you were trying to learn a dance. Would you learn best by someone telling you the moves? Watching a video of the moves? Or someone forcefully moving you in the right positions? I think for most of us it would be feeling what the correct positions are. So why do we have swing thoughts instead of swing feels? Why are we telling our brain "get that right arm external to help shallow the club" instead of taking a few practice swings to really get the feel down? Maybe we do that already some and then revert back to telling our brains what to do, but best to only think about the feeling that we want to make, rather than in English. Best done with video feedback since most of us don't have a swing coach to watch our every swing. And another level to that, is combining feels. In one of the Netflix "Explained" documentaries they talked about memory, that there's competitive memorizers who can remember an insane amount of things. And how they do it is by grouping things together, similar to how we remembered phone numbers once upon a time. So the same could be true with the golf swing, group the feels together. For example, in transition I want to dig my left side down, flex the lead wrist, get the right arm external, and bring my arms more toward my body (to fix my tendency of heel strikes). So before each shot, I would take a few practice swings and try to really group those things together as one feel, which makes 4 different things turn into 1 swing thought feel. Then step up to the ball and try to recreate it. And just like that I was suddenly moving the way I wanted to, far easier than before
  3. Yea that is better for skin and hair among other things, specifically type 2 chicken tendon collagen is what's good for tendonitis. I have heard good things about the carnivore diet and inflammation, but I have not done much research on it.
  4. How exactly are you hurting? Collagen is good for your tendons but specifically type 2 from chicken cartilage. NOW supplements sells it as UC-II. 40mg a day, take it 45 minutes before you play. If it's tendon issues, they're like a muscle in that it gets microtears and then needs to repair itself and then becomes even stronger. So rest and make sure you're all healed up before you go again.
  5. Had a lot of trouble getting this move down but finally found something that seems to be working. Just start with a strong grip. At the top, do the slightest bow of the left wrist, and then do the slightest shallow with the right elbow in. Working really well so far, my wrist doesn't freak out on the way down and let go of the bow, and I also never overdo it and hit huge pulls. And I feel like I get all the benefits of the motorcycle move. Before I was trying it with a neutral to weak grip and trying for a prominent bow. Before I wondered if it would be good to have a locked out feeling so squaring would be easy, but having anything in the swing locked out is just wishful thinking. Squaring is always going to have a feel component to it. Need to get the technique down so that you get halfway to a straight shot, and then feel will fill in the rest.
  6. If irons and woods shouldn't be using the same scale, doesn't that mean 3 iron and pw shouldn't either?
  7. Are we all in agreement that sw scale can work when comparing clubs to each other? And say as long as grips are the same weight?
  8. Guys who have added like 30+ grams to the long irons, how are you finding the forgiveness? Seems like it should affect moi a significant amount, and that plus a shorter shaft, would equal a weapon into par 5's. My guess is you lose 10-15 yards, but say you substituted a hollow iron and loft it down a degree, you could make back a good chunk of yards.
  9. given the same weight, a counterweighted club should swing faster right?
  10. I purchased my quad in Asia knowing there's a chance I might move around and potentially for a long while. So knowing about their region change fees and explaining my situation to them, they agreed that I wouldn't have to pay anytime I want to change regions. I even called Foresight USA (where I moved) about it and they said it was ok. So I end up moving, and now the Asia side is saying that there's a change in ownership for Foresight, and they are demanding the region change fee. They haven't told me how much but from reading online it's pretty significant. Credit to the Asia side though, they said they would pay for the fee, but they are still talking with the main people about it. Still nothing has changed and my Quad is region-locked. Their rule is to protect distributors or something, but it's not like I travelled to a different country to purchase it. I even paid more than I would have in the States. Would think paying as much as I did, should have the freedom to use it wherever. I'm not rich, I just really love golf and yolo'd the purchase. Just venting about my poor experience so far I guess.
  11. Heh. I guess there is something to this idea. But Bryson isn't doing it anymore. Dunno if it's different but looks like Bryson and Ricky have weld beads on some of their clubs.
  12. Looking up alternatives to JB Weld, this could be one. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-high-strength-epoxy/p/epx1/ Or actual welding. I don't know anything about welding, but that could be a very permanent solution.
  13. Let's say launch monitor says the toe is 2 degrees down on average. Does that mean I should get it bent 2 degrees upright? Or .2 degrees? Just can't wrap my head around this at all, seems clearly to bend it 2 degrees upright. But I have a feeling it has something to do with how it scales on the clubface, something like that.
  14. am I missing something cause those angles look way bigger than 1/2/3 degrees
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