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  1. Buy a hybrid, they said. Easy loft, they said. Biggest lie in golf.
  2. Anytime I need to punch out, but with a slight angle for moving the ball forward, I end up using a 2i or 3i (for lowest loft and max distance, supposedly) And I close the face. Result is a worm burner that never goes too far. Often never leaves the grass. I think I saw some video that said to use a 6i. Today, I remembered and pulled a 6 when under the trees. Highlight of the round. I hit a clean line drive, sweet spot, 5-10 feet high, that went about 100 yards forward. Perfect punch out. Felt great.
  3. I leave my clubs and shoes in the car. Neither ever enter the house. Only the thermos does.
  4. I made the mistake of playing on Sunday. The course had times clear by 4pm. However, I forgot that Sunday would be more likely to attract non-regulars. Like at a poker table in a casino, you will see very different clientele on Tuesday vs. Saturday. On weekdays, even off peak, you are mostly getting regular golfers. This Sunday, I was finally stuck behind the newbies who would spend 5 mins looking for a lost ball. I heard music from other carts, not a big deal, but furthers my point. Guys taking 5 practice swings. (This really bothers me) No ready golf on the putting green. Note to self, stay away from the course on weekends, even if there are lots of open times.
  5. Proximity. I am so lucky that I live 5 minutes from two public courses. They are clean and well maintained. A great value for the casual golfer. Cost. I pay $35 in a relatively high COL area. (Westchester, NY) I have many other interests, so joining a club does not make sense. 2x a week for 3 months adds up to $800. Schedule. Allows me to play on weekdays, as a single. Courses are not mobbed. I typically walk 9 in about 2 hours. I can get a tee time same day. I often book the time the night before or an hour before I play. 10am+ is always available. I bet I can even walk earlier, because no shows, but have never tried. Fitness. Middle aged now, but I am still athletic and fit. Have eaten right and exercised my entire adult life. I never take a cart. Half the fun is the walk now. Glad I can still enjoy this game! Mental maturity. I have realistic expectations. (Shooting high 90s with zero practice/range) Golf is hard. I do not have delusional expectations. I never get angry. I accept misses, and celebrate the outlier successes. I lay up and play the smart percentages.
  6. Lottery, retirement, divorce, laid off, etc. Now you had tons more free time than ever. Did you actually golf daily? What happened then? In general, what are your thoughts on present/future free time vs. golf intentions?
  7. Just hit a 230 yard drive. Easily the biggest drive of my life. It was high, far, and straight. I wanted to walk off the course. Feeling was borderline euphoric. And I didn't even chunk the following shot!
  8. Dude, he shattered his ankle. Tibia rehab is 5 years. Foot rehab is for life. He will be rehabbing until he's age 50 just to have a normal life. He's DONE.
  9. I do take little chip swings, I forgot about that. Especially for a flop shot I am reconsidering my stance. I will start taking a practice putt. That way I can reinforce the distance and takeback length connection. Next round, I think I will take a practice swing. There is logic to preventing injury. I still can't stand hackers who take 3 practice swings and start taking multiple divots
  10. I can guarantee you that people did NOT join country clubs out of the blue, in search of a new pandemic hobby. No one drops $10k on a random hobby they have zero experience with when they can spend $30 at the local muni to try it out. That club's culture was like that long before COVID.
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