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  1. Sweet looking red dots you got there.
  2. Yea whoever you ordered from should have never have quoted that. At best these were gonna be a October release with PING factory problems going on. Plus they are only building i59s at the moment.
  3. Curious who quoted you a mid August ship date? Cause they were never gonna ship in August.
  4. Yea I had a notification from FedEx about 3 weeks ago that a label has been made by PING. They are just sitting there.
  5. Pro Platinum Newport 2 Mid Slant. Recently sent in to Scotty for restoration. Black finish on the head. Orange and white paint fill. initials on putter face. Length is 35.5 inches. Headcover shown in pics. will ship with putter care cloth. SOLD!!!! pin 9/27
  6. Ordered 8/30 quoted 10/14 on shipping.
  7. I ordered a set. But I’m gonna stick with the i210s. So I’ll have a set 4-w that I’ll need to part with.
  8. Nike VR Pro Combo Set 4-PW. Has some wear. Nippon Zelos 7 regular shafts at half inch under standard. Lofts are 1.5 degrees strong. Super Stroke grips. SOLD. pin 9/16
  9. Work at a big golf store. There is an industry wide shortage.
  10. That is correct. In our store we are out of PING iron stock. Won’t be getting any more in until at least December. Couple that with PING increasing prices on everything.
  11. Just FYI i210 replacement is gonna have a big price increase. So if you like i210s get them now. PING going up across the board. We just raised prices on g425 and g410 in our store.
  12. It’s not. I500 and 790 are essentially the same thing. 770 has weaker lofts then i500. Was told by TM rep 790 is like i500.
  13. P770 isn’t a Players Distance Iron. It’s very much inline with the i59. The P790 is more inline with a Players Distance iron.
  14. Just curious what everyone would say about these irons if they were priced the same as p790’s?
  15. No kidding. We get it most of the people in the thread aren’t gonna be putting them in the bag.
  16. Irons are ordered. Excited to get them in. Might blend with i210s.
  17. Just picked up a set 3-W. Gonna send them to PING to check lofts and change to black dot.
  18. Got our demo in. Definitely like the feel. Will be ordering them. Probably just get them in 6-W.
  19. Well look here https://www.instagram.com/p/CS69IMhlZMX/?utm_medium=copy_link
  20. Good to hear. Can’t wait to hit them.
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