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  1. Here you go. Custom fit 6 iron from Mizuno in Australia
  2. I tried both and although they looked very similar at address – I’m not discerning enough to notice any top line difference when the margins are that small – I ended up with the MMCs as they are that bit more forgiving. Interestingly the numbers with the MP-20 blades were very similar to the MMCs but I lost ball speed even on centred strikes with the 921 Tours.
  3. Same on my end. If I get below 70g, my transition gets very funky and I get very in to out with my path.
  4. I hit driver more than I used to but one of my regular courses is really tight (15-20 m wide fairways, sometimes choked in to 10 m) on short par 4s so I'll often hit a hybrid or 4 iron. The other course has a lot of holes where it's better to be on the flat with the approach and having a 9 iron vs a gap wedge doesn't make that much difference to me.
  5. The local ranges near me use 2 piece Srixon's which carry about 10-15 m short off grass (My 7 iron carries 150-155 m on the course and the range ball goes about 135-140) and about the same as normal when accounting for the downhill slope at the range that uses mats. The trajectory with irons and woods is fairly similar to my normal ball (Z Star) but does get pushed around by the wind a fair bit. The biggest difference I find is with wedges. I can't flight down range balls with my 52/56/60, they only go up.
  6. I’ll give Horchsel some leeway as Scheffler’s performance in the WGC Match Play was apparently a part of why he was picked. Given Horschel actually won that event, he probably is okay to feel a bit aggrieved.
  7. Is Fooch some sort of super-caddie? Rose hasn’t really been the same since he had to step away because of heart problems and now he’s got Horshcel firing quite nicely
  8. It’d be a great story but Canter has a lot of holes to pick up one shot. Particularly with two scoreable par 5s to finish
  9. Well this is all going very pear shaped now isn’t it
  10. If my country ever lets me leave our shores again, Wentworth is definitely on the list of courses I have to play. Also, Thomas Bjørn has been giving Tony Johnstone so much grief all broadcast today and it's been hilarious.
  11. The PGA Championship (the one this week) has been around since 1955...
  12. I play mine at 44”. I don’t swing meaningfully faster and strike only gets worse with longer lengths.
  13. That grandstand is the 18th at Wentworth, so this week?
  14. I don’t mind having different grips as long as they’re the same texture and are built up the same way. Given how hard Tour Velvet BCTs are to find where I live, I’ve ended up with Crossline Full Cords on my woods, hybrid and wedges while my irons have Tour Velvet BSTs.
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