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  1. I still really like my 300 Mini as a driver replacement. Now it's heating up as summer starts the ball is flying plenty far and the way the head sets up suits the lowish left to right slider I like playing off the tee. I've always been fairly good with short irons and wedges, so having something that works off the tee has massively improved my enjoyment of the game.
  2. I've been using the 2021 Z Star for the second half of the year after playing the Tour B RX for the first half and have loved it. It's not quite as long if I do test it on a monitor but out on course I don't notice a difference. Maybe a couple of metres difference. Added bonus of spinning a bit more off the irons but holding its line well in the wind and as I'm coming into summer that's a big plus. No durability issues either. The seam does become noticeable if I use the same ball a lot (multiple rounds) and it does tend to pick up grass stains fairly easily but I haven't found it scuffs up quickly or anything like that. For the price (~AUD$50 compared to AUD$75-85 for Pro V1s), I haven't found anything that beats it.
  3. Kikuyu grass. I’m in Australia so we get quite firm in the summer as it’s perennially above 30° and then quite soft through winter/spring when it rains. And it rained a lot this winter. I play the 12° full grind on my 56 and the 10° mid grind on my 60 and have had no issues throughout the year.
  4. No. I’m not particularly steep with my wedges but I haven’t had a problem with the leading edge being too sharp and causing too much digging.
  5. sg91

    Mizuno MP-22

    That's how much the MP-20 line were and 921 Tours are down here in Australia...
  6. They often play the driver, it's the fairways they don't play. Lowry plays a Srixon driver too. Pretty sure both he and Hideki don't need the money.
  7. Or they've figured since one of their drivers won the Masters, they can just use the ones they already make?
  8. We have Kikuyu everywhere too here in Western Australia and I don’t go below 10* of bounce on my 56 and 60. I’ve always found that although it causes the ball to sit up like it’s on a tee, the grass can be deceptively grainy and anything less than 10* leads to digging if you’re just slightly off contact wise. The gap wedge is tricky though as I want bounce for chipping around the greens and longer bunker shots but need the sharper leading edge to get through the roots like you mentioned. I don’t think I’ve found the right combo for that yet.
  9. I have a Zipcore 60/10 and it's great off the kikuyu grass I play and out of bunkers regardless of season. And it gets hot and dry down here in Australia over the summer months
  10. Based on this video from the US factory, it appears the SN is done at the point of build, not during manufacture
  11. I'll put a bit of a spanner in the works as my custom, ordered directly through the local Mizuno rep and home course's pro shop MMCs also don't have a serial number on the hosel. They do have a id number on the ferrules, but there isn't anything on the metal. edit: picture in this previous thread
  12. Not being from the US, I went with the non-premium fitter (pro at my local course) but did make sure they had the Shaft Optimizer from Mizuno. It's pretty cool how quickly that thing narrows things down and I don't have any complaints with what I ended up with. Lie angles and lofts were fine from the factory, they used the right custom shafts, and when I recently pulled the grips to replace them, they had actually added the extra wrap I'd requested.
  13. The TM Sim (not the Sim2) is pretty shallow
  14. sg91

    Mizuno MP-22

    Matt Fryer, the YouTuber
  15. If you go back to the original statements made by a Cowen and Mcilroy in March/April (“Bannon will always be Rory’s coach” etc), this was always on the cards.
  16. And the commentators that do are normally the on course ones who are following the group around, not the ones sitting in the van.
  17. That’s a pretty normal price for a TM driver. Sim2 off the rack at my local Golfbox is $869.99 (though it’s on sale for $694.99 at the moment). Oh you meant $850 US. Yeah that’s expensive. Though it wouldn’t surprise me. The new Mizuno ST-G retails for US$675 down here.
  18. I wonder how soon we'll see $100/dozen Pro V1s here in Australia. They're already in the $80-$85 range at my local course
  19. Fleetwood was always interesting when he was a free agent.
  20. 10* on my 60, 12* on my 56. Both Cleveland Zipcores. I play on courses that have Kikuyu fairways and rough so need a good amount of bounce around the green.
  21. I measured it as 42.6” adapter tip to end of grip
  22. A fade is more controllable for me off the tee and is more manageable from a golf swing perspective than trying to hit draws consistently.
  23. A patent is vastly different to a trademark. And patents can be invalid, which Callaway have found out previously
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