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  1. Why change a good thing? Just get the SM8 version.
  2. A lot of manufacturers' recommend driver swing speed greater than 105 should use x-flex. That's not exceptionally fast, yet x-flex shafts are virtually nowhere to be found in stores. I wonder if more people should be using x-flex and aren't than the other way around...
  3. I wouldn't call the 56 f-grind versatile but it has become my go-to club for every straight forward shot inside of 90 yards. The 60* D grind is the versatility shot club in my bag for the shots where the f-grind is lacking versatility.
  4. I'm personally not a fan of hybrids in lower lofts than 21*. Definitely a 5 wood over a 2h for me. That being said, I'm in the 7 wood with either a mini driver or 4 wood camp right now. Always in flux though.
  5. When you get a chance, can you compare the T100 to the T200 as far as the clickiness goes?
  6. Sim2 and Epic Speed come to mind as other "hot" alternatives to Tsi3, which is also pretty hot as well.
  7. After playing the new T100 a bit more, I will say they can be pretty clicky, especially on less than perfect swings. It feels like there may be more MOI though. Flush shots are different in a good way compared to the AP2s.
  8. My local Golf Galaxy has new Trackman bays with all data available at all times. It seems like an absurd practice to charge to show spin and launch angle information when it is already there. I imagine they could sell more clubs giving more information and charging to show available information is just going to rub people the wrong way. The employees should be able to use discretion if it appears people are trying to use their bays as free practice time. Even if people were coming in to do that they'd still probably end up buying something.
  9. The T100 seems more forgiving than the AP2 so I would think the AP200s would have even more. I would throw in a 7 wood or 21* hybrid between the 24* 5-iron and 4 wood.
  10. I think shallow faced hybrids and fairway woods is synonymous with Ping. Not sure what other modern hybrids would be significantly shallow compared to others though... As far as older models go, Tight Lies commercials come to mind.
  11. Great shafts. I have them on all my wedges and regular protos on all my irons.
  12. I just switched from 716 AP2s to the new T100. I took them out today for the first time. The T100's have a more stable feel and seem to fly a little higher for me. I could really feel the advancements that have been made in what I thought was going to be just a new version of the same club. Time will tell if it was worth it though.
  13. My experience is that the Titleist and Ping drivers are pretty different - both great though. I'm a Titleist fanboy and bought a Tsi3 because the numbers on the monitors were really good compared to my old Ping G. On the course I missed the stability and forgiveness of a Ping so I ended up with a g425 Max and plan on sticking with the Ping drivers for the foreseeable future.
  14. Yesterday I cancelled a couple of clubs I had ordered through 2nd Swing. After over 7 weeks they were still not in process. I have gotten into the habit now of just buying off the rack and swapping out the shafts o I can use them before the next model gets announced.
  15. As much as I like the idea of hitting the set 4 iron, I can only consistently hit my "player iron" set up to 5 iron currently and use something more forgiving at the 4 iron slot. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to go about it, but 4 irons are not the easiest to hit for a lot of people.
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