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  1. You find it online? Still there? Must be too late and sold out by now
  2. Good news on my end. Received the clubs on Friday and TM is sending my 2 dozen balls for the trouble. Only had time to play a short 9 this weekend but already loving the sweet spot and the control of these.
  3. Well yeah two issues. TM admitted they screwed up and sent FedEx Ground vs 2 day air and did nothing to attempt to make it right. and now its stuck with FedEx in the Mojave desert since Sunday no movement. Still don’t have them. Scheduled for tomorrow delivery but if aren’t in my distribution center area by now I highly doubt I get them tomorrow. Reached out to FedEx who are useless. sent another message to TM so voice my displeasure with the situation. If they are unreceptive and the order is delayed to next week im just going to reject shipment and move on and chalk up this TM experiment as failed.
  4. curious, those who have these in hand, what are your distances per iron? Interested in the gapping y'all are seeing. My clubs are scheduled to get here tomorrow but they have been stuck in the Mojave desert since Sunday with no movement so who knows.
  5. Maybe I just got a dud. Won't write them off just yet, but for being my first interaction with TaylorMade at any significant level (first clubs/purchase from them), not a great start
  6. Luckily I didn't pay for shipping (signed up for the free shop runner), but no they did not offer balls or anything just basically said "it left our warehouse its out of our control". I pushed a bit and asked them if they could at least try to call FedEx since it hadn't left FedEx warehouse yet and told him how unhappy I was with this buying experience and he said "well I could start a return process for you so you could ship them back when you get them"...... Seriously dude?
  7. Selected 2 day shipping and they sent it ground so going to be atleast a week. Customer service said its a glitch in their new website. Incredibly frustrating.
  8. order a stock set 4-PW+AW, stiff shaft on 7th afternoon. Card charged today and per customer service shipping expected today or tomorrow for delivery early next week.
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