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  1. Thanks I'm thinking of sending in a putter and would appreciate your input on which finishes you ended up with.
  2. That's some serious heat. The ones you just received back look great! What fools gold (chromatic bronze) finish did you do on them (2x, misted, satin etc.)?
  3. The top line at address looks great on this model. Saw some others on ebay but no where near what you paid.
  4. Oh Scotty does - it runs around $4000 and is nearly impossible to get.
  5. There is a MAP (minimum advertised price) but no maximum. The club I bought my T22 from a few years ago for MAP is charging 1000 on this one, way above MAP.
  6. The stripes will make for some fun DIY custom paint projects. I think the car analogy is apples to oranges and doubt anyone in this thread would turn down one of these for $600, even if it was to flip it.
  7. Please take lots of pictures (especially some at address) when you get it.
  8. Man wish I would have been selected. Hopefully the Santa Monica will be part of the new line released later this year.
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