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  1. Thanks for the info - and Tilasan I appreciate the pics above to confirm.
  2. Looking for Almigos Golf In-N-Out blade cover and a mallet cover. Please drop me a line thanks.
  3. They look great - wish I would have known about the flash sale. Hopefully I can snag one like this at one point. Great stick.
  4. Thank you for the pictures - it looks great. Can't wait to pick one up.
  5. Thanks for the compliments and all the interest. I replied to all the messages. To help answer a few questions. The oilcan is the standard weight for the Newport 2s at that time, approximately 330 grams. I don't have the original head cover for it but will package it up real nice. I'll also see if I have an extra generic head cover I could throw on it. The Camerons haven't been refinished.
  6. Three super nice magic wands to help out your putting this year. Plus a baby Yoda head cover so you can feel the force in your game. 1 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Stainless 350 grams. 33", Cameron grip along with a used studio stainless head cover. The putter has been used but it is in immaculate shape. $500 plus shipping 2 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 oilcan oval track. 35", superstroke 1.0PT grip, standard loft and lie. Also in excellent shape with a nice patina on it. $old thanks 3 - Piretti GOAT special edition. 34.5", 70* lie, 350 grams, sight dot a
  7. I need a bot. The sad thing at the end of the day, it is simply another release for the bots (or really their owners) to eat up and flip. Basically all rare desirable kicks are that nowadays. Organized crime takes the W.
  8. Interesting color contrast on the tour one. Very NCish as has been said which is a likely reason we don’t see that one at retail. No worries in this case though.
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