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  1. Logan Olson Legacy 303 ss tri sole with sight dot. 35", with leather headcover and superstroke 1.0PT grip. Only been putted with on a few occasions indoors. Doesn't get much cleaner or nicer feeling than this putter. $1100 OBRO paypalled and shipped CONUS - thanks
  2. Everyone that is whining in this thread would take one in a second if they could get it at retail and flip it for the prices they are going for on eBay. Often those that whine the most are those that lost out on a flip.
  3. They seem like a regular size blade cover to me so I think they should work.
  4. 3 items up for sale not real interested in trades - all are brand new - thanks. 1- Brand new in the box Jordan 11 Grey, Gunsmoke & White mens size 8 = 285 2 - The Buck Club Tiffany block slow players = 160 3 - The Buck Club black & Tiffany oval slow players = 160
  5. Really like the putter. Great to see a classic get a win.
  6. Wow that is real nice. How is the feel with the double milled face? Any thoughts?
  7. As beautiful as the Santa Monica is, I think it is a pipe dream at this point given the lack of any info from Odyssey/Toulon. I'd love to give one a go too.
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