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  1. Is the Santa Monica proto coming to retail?
  2. Does the KP2 have a higher toe? Scotty did that for a while on some of his NP2s. thanks
  3. Trade interest = The Buck Club Chick-fil-A blade cover (perhaps the mallet too); Scotty Cameron TCC black agave headcover & the new Aero tool Brand new Nike Jordan 4 G Military Blue Size 10 = $275 Byron Morgan DH89 Stainless $old thanks Brand new Bettinardi Battleship mallet cover = $90 Brand new Taylormade Torrey Pines Surf driver cover = $160 Brand new The Buck Club Jordan covers in black - Driver cover = $old thanks - Blade cover = $120 - Mallet cover = $old thanks If you want to buy multiples to make a set I’ll do a discount. Thanks
  4. That 009 is real nice OleVirginia. Did you use it for the club championship?
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