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  1. Two brand new Scotty Camerons - not interested in trades except for an 009 we can work a cash (my end) + putter, or a TCC Agave black cover plus cash on your end. My son also needs some irons (he wants Callaway Mavrik irons), so I may be interested in a trade involving a set of those. 1 - Still sealed in the Bag Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black rare 33" model = $1350 shipped in the domestic US 2 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Button Back Champions Choice = Sold thanks thanks
  2. Breaking news - just saw this: Bryson says he gets 15 more yards and 100 less rpm off the driver resulting in a better ball flight from experimenting with marijuana but not inhaling it. "So I did some study and some research on the golf ball and the side effects of minimal THC gain." DeChambeau said in a recent interview. “And so, and this is getting a bit technical, by not inhaling but being around marijuana my reflexes slow by 0.2%, which allows for a 8% gain in ball contact efficiency. This of course results in a distance gain." “Yet, inhaling had a contrary effect because it slowed my reflexes down by 12.2% resulting in slower ball speed, more rpm, and a 10% decrease in ball contact efficiency. So I have a designated marijuana smoker as part of my team now. He takes the hits, so I can hit it further."
  3. Interesting finish on the BB0. Will it rust? Good luck with it.
  4. Very nice pick up congrats
  5. Beautiful putter - which model is it? And I really like the stampings too.
  6. What's the model and make of the one with the fire in the cavity?
  7. In a meeting and missed out - guess I'll be searching on the dreaded stupid secondary market now.
  8. Recommendations on a forgiving set from PXG? Thinking I'd like to try some out.
  9. Congrats - really wish they would get more in stock. I'd love to see some pics too.
  10. I like that yellow dot - very clean.
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