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  1. Yes, the article (I refuse to call it a “study”) is from 2004.
  2. This isn’t a study, it’s just a list of psi measurements and estimated areas covered by different modes of traveling the course. Then the author just assumes causation. He certainly didn’t study anything to see if it was true. There would have to be a minimum psi for noticeable damage to occur. Does the author know that value, because it is never mentioned? Let’s say you need a minimum psi of 5 to cause damage. If that’s the case, using a pull cart would be no worse than walking and carrying. An actual study would try to find that out.
  3. Do you even know what FDA clearance means? All you have to do is show that your device is somewhat similar to another approved device and they give it clearance. These electromagnetic devices have been around forever. If this got FDA clearance, it means it’s nothing new. And it’s the device that was given clearance, not the actual therapy.
  4. He’s talking about the electromagnetic therapy which has been around forever. That’s why they can get FDA clearance. You’re better off wearing one of those magnetic bracelets that were popular a while back. At least they were somewhat fashionable.
  5. So not FDA approved. And no data has actually been published and peer reviewed.
  6. Except that 34 degree 7-iron that would launch like a lob wedge is still in the set. It just has a 9 stamped on the bottom. Are you saying the T400 9 iron launches like a lob wedge?
  7. But he said there were 5 FDA approvals. However the website only says it has FDA clearance which is a pretty low bar. You’d think if it had FDA approval they might mention that on the website.
  8. Are there 5 studies, or are there 5 approvals? And where was the UK study published?
  9. Why can’t I find anything about these 5 FDA approvals? The website only says they have FDA clearance. That’s not the same as an approval.
  10. What exactly defines a declaration? The rule says the players “should” tell each other their handicaps before the match, but it doesn’t say they “must” do it. In this case it looks like they got the scorecard from the pro, and just went with it. It’s unlikely there was any verbal declaration, but the OP would have to confirm that.
  11. But the OP said that the Pro forgot to take 80% of the handicaps. So if it’s a DQ, wouldn’t it have to apply to both sides? All four of those handicaps should have been reduced.
  12. Are there really people left who still believe this?
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