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  1. Lofts/Lie can be adjusted upon request. Regripping available for additional charge. Please PM with any questions! 1. Titleist 718 CB 3-9i, Project X 6.0 Shafts, STD Loft/Lie/Length $699 2. Titleist TS2 8.5*, HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK RDX 60G 6.5 X-STIFF, 45 inches $299 3. Titleist TS2 9.5*, HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 60G 6.0 STIFF, 45 inches $275 4. KZG MA-I Iron Set, 4-PW, Kuro Kage 70g Regular Flex, STD Loft/Lie/Length $349 5. Callaway Mavrik SUB ZERO 3w 15*, MMT 70g, 43 inches $179 6. Titleist TS2 3w 15* Head Only $129
  2. New to this, and posted an ad that breached the rules. No complaints, completely fair. However, I can't find the ad I placed to edit it correctly. Is it hidden for a certain amount of time, or do I need to start again? Thanks!
  3. 1. Handicap? PRO 2. Right or left hand golfer? RIGHT 3. Current wedges and setup? CLEVELAND RTX TOUR 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? THE NEW WEDGES LOOK AMAZING!! I've never been fit for wedges on grass, and to do that at the Kingdom for the first time would be amazing! 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? YES 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? YES 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Yes
  4. It can be done, using a similar motion to a pitching action, ball position forward with some release to use the bounce. It would certainly move his low point closer to ball and help!
  5. You can absolutey keep playing, but you'll work more in the golf season. Most assistant's jobs, you work overtime during the golf season and less in the off season. What can happen is, in season, if the weather is good, you work. If the weather is not good, you're off. That being said, you may get preferred rates at other courses, so if you have the time, you can make the most of those!
  6. I love this idea! PING have come out with a cart that measures strokes gained/lost in relating distance to accuracy. How do you think the best way to present strokes gained in a fitting would be?
  7. Fantastic thoughts! It sounds like a great fitter, so they will know what to look for. For graphite vs steel, your personal preference of feel, and the one you get the best strikes with is oribablt the right way to go. Irons - Hybrid crossover will depend on you ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. Again, the fitter will know what to look for. Don't worry too much about your consistency!! The fitting will and should be a fun experience! As a fitter, I can see if a club is working or not after about 3 solid strikes. You will take more swings, but mainly to ensure you like how the club feels. Have fun!!!
  8. You'll be fine with khakis and a golf polo, put some nice dress shoes on too though!! You won't require a lot of course maintenance knowledge. If you've played golf, you'll get a handle of the day-to-day stuff, much of it it common sense. There will be the specific POS and Tee Booking software you'll need to learn, but that is the same for any new hire of any experience. If you are personable and have energy to learn, the staff will welcome you as a team member!
  9. Titleist TS2 8.5°, HZRDUS SMOKE RDX 60g 6.5 $329 Cb Irons 3-9 Project X 6.0 $899 Vokey Wedges SOLD Not looking to trade PayPal available through PM I can bend these to whatever Loft/Lie you want prior to shipping, Free of Charge! Just send yours specs! Free shipping
  10. Fantastic question, shows great awareness! Best advice I can give is a you set up, just place the club behind the ball. Now, where does the club 'tell' you where to stand? A lot of set up issues are manageable once you are consistent, and the best way to be consistent is to be comfortable!
  11. Strokes gained for sure! I fell into the trap of 'Hit it easy, just keep it in play', but strokes gained has blown that out of the water! I've improved on my lowest scores, and my highest scores are lower too!
  12. Amazing progress, well done! Taking out driver more often and having the confidence to get further down the hole helped me a ton!
  13. Agreed! When I was doing my Level 2 in Golf Coaching, there were 2 people who had never played golf before who were attending with the aim to teach special needs children, and they were among the best in the group. Good play and experience helps, but anyone can learn and pass it on!!
  14. Fantastic!! If you are prepared to learn and work at it, you can absolutely make it!! I would definitely go for this position, getting your foot in the door and networking will get you the position you want. Just make sure you always enjoy playing this great game!! Having gone through the assistant's route, are there any specific questions I can answer?
  15. There is definitely some hip turn, you're not crazy!! There's just not much of the body dragging the arms through. You can absolutely play a bunker shot with the impact position you show above, but you'd need a lot of sternum lean to get your low point closer the ball.
  16. That is pretty heavy and short for a driver already! Some people are just quicker in their iron swing vs driver swing, and vice versa. Maybe try hitting driver in an iron set up and technique a few times, and see if the speed changes then?
  17. Very little rotation, do you laterally slide when on grass too?
  18. I would be prepared to be a shop clerk, especially being so new to the game. If you are open to doing some coaching seminars to do some group beginner/kids coaching, there would be an avenue to do that. Are you seeking to just find a job in golf, or particularly an assistant's role? Normally, assistant's are current pros who want a facility to teach lessons, some form of stable income while they play tournaments or building experience to one day be a head pro themselves. Love the ambition!!
  19. Pick a shot shape you can consistently repeat (straight, fade or draw), don't fight it and play for it whenever you can. Being able to know what to expect is huge.
  20. Interesting to read the strokes gained book by Mark Broadie, iron play was the most important aspect to win on tour. Sharpen up those long game skills everyone!!
  21. Anything from 6i - wedge, I'm flag hunting!! Longer clubs, I still go for the pin, but definitely favor the fat side of the green!
  22. Agreed!! I love mine in my driver, want one for my fairway wood!!
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