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  1. Pretty much my thought process as well. But I now have to add: (4) don’t make me carry my own bag I know I had a newbie.
  2. Good list! Number-1 is so important! A quality caddy will hang with you at the range and the practice green. Number-7 is a good one too. Last time every shot around the green was “sand wedge?”..lol. I’m like, nope, 60 or 8i.
  3. Makes perfect sense to me. My caddy last time cost me several strokes with terrible aim points off the tee and on the green. After about the 4th hole I told him I’ve got the green reading from here (and went on the have a phenomenal day of putting). I called Whistling today and they told me you can’t actually ask for a single loop caddy anymore. They’re contracted out and they’re contracted out as double loop only. But, there’s only 3 in our group although the reservation says 4. The guy in the pro shop said he’ll leave it as 4 so someone *cough cough* in our group will have a single loop
  4. Heading to Whistling this weekend and I’ll be requesting a single. Last time I was there my caddy was doubling and I carried my own bag on several occasions because he had to go way on the other side into the rough with the other guy. I’ll never allow a double again. I didn’t get too filled about, but my playing partners were furious about it..lol.
  5. We’ll look into that too. We were also advised to play Lawsonia??
  6. Perfect timing! We head out to Kohler next weekend and we’re considering SV for next Spring (we wanted Bandon, but they’re booked THROUGH 2022..smh). Might do a Streamsong early next year or perhaps over the winter. Thanks for the review!
  7. Firethorn50


    Love my Evnroll ER2B. I still have my vintage Scotty from around 2000, but once I got fitted the ER2B just felt great (and looks great).
  8. I have the Mevo+ and enjoy the data it provides (and it seems to be fairly accurate). I do wish it gave numbers as to swing path and face to path (instead of just saying “push draw or pull draw” etc. I also wish it gave dynamic loft (yes, I hear you can reverse engineer the spin loft number to get that, but I don’t know how). What I have noticed as I’ve used mine along side a GCQ is that the Mevo+ shows almost double the AOA as compared to the GCQ.. not sure which one is correct though, but I’ll assume the GCQ is. All in all I’m happy with Mevo+..for $2k it’s the best option out there..IMO.
  9. My buddies that play TM have said they like the Sim over the Sim2. I believe there were even TM tour players that took a while to switch (some may still not have switched).
  10. Thank you. Streamsong looks pretty darn nice.
  11. Good deal..I hadn’t heard of SentryWorld yet I’m my research.
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