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  1. I ordered the Monday following the Friday it came out. They said they oversold and mine will be sent out on this coming friday. Seems like they will be gone immediately.
  2. Adam's speedline super ls 5*. the shape and feel are perfect ,deepest face I've seen on a driver, plays at 44"
  3. I ordered 6 days ago second day air still hasn't shipped
  4. I think OP real questions is, will China take over the world and therefore we cant play golf anymore when that happens lol
  5. Apparently it is a situation where if you have one with slope function you need to verify with playing partners and starter/official that it is set to OFF before starting the round. I wonder if that particular player who was disqualified simply forgot to turn it off before playing, but I guess you would be able to see it in the viewfinder so maybe not. I think generally the rangefinders are allowed in prequalifiers but not qualifiers but it depends on each tournament I guess and they have a section that covers the distance measuring device rules for that particular qualifier or tournament in the regsitration.
  6. Tried the ping tour stand bag, it actually has LESS room in the top than my sun mountain ultra lite bag
  7. Could you fit two pool noodles with your clubs in that bag?
  8. How are the rules enforced and what are they regarding range finders with or without slope measurements for qualifiers and tournaments usga and pga/Korn ferry? Years ago came up with a very good course management system that basically taking dead aim at the most neutral points away from any trouble for every shot and using the median distance for each club which was determined mostly by front of green and back of green yardages and nearly always completely disregarding the flag. This drastically improved my scoring but was completely dependant on a rangefinder. I played in a qualifier that did not allow them but noticed another player in the group using his phone to get yardages and after the fact realized I shouldve said something. I played in another more recently that allowed wider grooves as well as rangefinders for the pre qualifier but not for the qualifier, I saw them using at the pga but I guess this is only for majors? The slope button can be turned on and off and I assume slope is definitely not allowed but how do they even know if a player is using it? I've never found the slope measurement necessary. Personally I dont think any electronics should be allowed on a course during tournaments of any kind including training aids on the practice green or otherwise. Seems strange also with the groove thing to me it wouldnt make sense to carry two sets of wedges and have to get used to two sets of spin. The usga seems to be hyperactive about changing rules and wish they would just settle on things for longer than they do.
  9. Years ago bought a hunting range finder off ebay for $50, never had any issues until I lost it somewhere, seemed very accurate and easy to find target, also very durable, only came in camo. These golf rangefinders are $400+ seems pretty ridiculous, I get that they measure slope also but I've never really needed that, any real reason I shouldnt just buy another hunting range finder cheap?
  10. Got the blue x as well. It's too bad they only have a 3 wood would be nice to get a 7 wood too if it works out, I think a good fairway wood although rarely used is the most important club to find that really suits you, if you hate it you'll never use it. It's a real confidence builder to hit a club 250+ off the turf. My fitting suggested I get the speeder 757 with the titleist 3wood but it's awful, the speeder 661 with the titleist driver though is the furthest I've ever hit a driver ridiculous bombs and under control
  11. Also went to club champion overall it was a bad experience as the fitter was a ****** and pressures to buy before you even start fitting even was like we can just cancel... but I did find the right driver and shaft combo just didnt buy from them. But I scheduled a full long game fitting and all he did was say do the same with same brand model and shaft for 3 wood hybrid so was a waste of money on anything but driver, he wouldn't even give me trackman results and had to call to get recommended specs. Much better experience with cool clubs.
  12. I wouldnt waste your time getting fit for anything other than a driver indoors. even then best to fit outdoors for all clubs, more accurate results on launch monitors and way more representative of your normal swing, something about hitting in a bay causes most people to change swing.
  13. Just ordered the limited edition pro 721 15* 3 wood I guess they will only be making 1000 of these, dont see any notices on delay like other manufacturers, got second day air so hopefully arrives soon. Will report back with results.
  14. Apparently it was designed with tour players feedback, I like the look of it and looks easier to hit off the deck. Ebay has them but shipping is a month out. Can you order directly from tour edge? My old tour edge cb4 was very neutral never had a problem hitting small draw or fade and the feel and shape of the head is really good. I just want the same thing but a little shallower face and some more distance
  15. None of the new clubs I've tried so far can knock out my old tour edge exotics cb4 3 wood. I'm not a fan of adjustable clubs and really like the neutral shape and titanium feel of the old exotics cb4. The tour edge exotics pro721 came out last Friday and tour edge says it has given them the best numbers out of all their 3 woods and unlike many brands features a beta-ti face so hopefully feels as good as old cb4 or better. My only complaint with old cb4 was that it was sometimes a chore to hit off the deck but not by much and this new one is a touch shallower with less camber.
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