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  1. Welcome to the ultra exclusive Unsanctioned Aces Club. Mine was an "extra holes" thinned 7 iron that I turned away from in disgust so didn't even get to see it go in.
  2. IMO, playing golf is not like football or baseball. More like billiards. I was on the 17th hole at Brookline during the 1999 Ryder Cup and before Leonard made "the putt" a fan had yelled in the middle of Olazabal's back swing on his approach shot that came up short. That fan should have been tossed but the whole crowd that day was a drunken zoo and the marshals were over 80 years old and overwhelmed. I think the fan that yelled in the back swing of Bryson's missed 12' putt at the BMW should be tossed. There has to be a line.
  3. You found a putter that you love and it loves you back. I'd cancel the fitting myself. I play a 25 year old Anser3. Love the solid feel and sound when it strikes my ProV. I like the way I can putt with the toe for softer touch on fast down hill putts. I use it to putt with the toe if a ball is nestled just into the 2nd cut. I LOVE the way I can use it to pick up balls or ball markers off the green without having to bend over. I've the original ping grip and when the putter starts misbehaving I put a couple of wraps of sports tape on the grip. Using a 3 layer wrap now and it fits my hand.
  4. Eagle Vale in Fairport, NY. 485 yd par 5 18th with a Taylormade Midsize System 2, 9.5 driver and Titleist Tour Balata. Hit it to the front of the green with the pin two tiers up 40' away. The ball found the hole for an eagle to card a 31 on the back for a 39-31 70. Only time I ever reached that green in two. Only time I have ever beaten par for 18. Heck, as a life long 11-12HCer, it was one of the few times I've ever broken 80. I still have the driver and the card.
  5. We play in frozen rain in the PNW. 3 putts are common.
  6. My gang golfs in the rain unless its really really raining hard. Frozen dew too.
  7. Playing at my brothers club the match is even on the par 5 17th tee and I pushed my drive high right over the trees and next to the par 3 green. Can't get over or through the forest. As golf luck would have it I was next to the sidewalk that led to the bathroom between the holes. So I told my brother to close the doors and hit a sweet 5I knock down that caroomed of the bathroom just above the doors and out onto the 17th fairway. My bogie put us 1 up going to 18.
  8. So, in 1966, this dance made the chaperones clutch their pearls. "Put your hands on your hips and thrust it in and out" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyTVoSldtSM
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