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  1. That club just needs buried and put to rest.
  2. Just because someone is doing something does not make it legal. A lot of manufactures control what the price of products are. Also I find it funny I was given a warning from the Mod team for this post for using inappropriate language, yet they did not respond to the thread to give any feedback.
  3. In the title their should be a requirement around naming or other option would be title flair so show you be scalping.(google "flair" for context) similar to the flair I have seen when explicitly listing a putter in BST. Te be specific, when creating a new post here this forum uses "tags" as "Flair". I appreciate the comments, like said I am new to this forum. This was something I did search but finding any specific thread was hard. There are comments, but I didn't see anything recent on rules or policy suggestions. Some interesting commentary in threads I did read. I was asking for rule change request, which I feel is reasonable. @wsupjs I did see some comments around banning of level cost flips and they is crazy that the rules are structured to fit 1 thing and not the other. Thats the issue, people need flair or titles to let people know they are acting as a private party seller or a whole seller. If private party and scalping, it should be listed at a high level. I don't need this to be a long drawn opinion post, but I would like a mod to chime in why this is not allowed?
  4. @kdog25 did you purchase the shoes cause you knew a friend that wore that specific size or just to flip. Thats the intent difference. These dudes are free to list at whatever price they like, but when asking for 1x multipliers, making them post in title that they want premium pricing seems a fair request when rules have already been established for title requirements. I get you can hit the back button, but by doing that I am still feeding that post views. I'm new and did not come across any posts to this effect. I understand the rules will not change, but as someone that has dealt with this issue on other goods, i.e. GPUs and car parts it's frustrating on a forum like this.
  5. I get that people can list for whatever price they choose. I'd like to make people advertise in advance in title. "I'm a scalper and here to make money". "I could have let someone buy this putter locally for a fair price, but I took advantage of a relationship and now want you to pay me 600-700 dollars extra".
  6. Is there anyway to force flair or some other title requirement when people are trying to flip new Scotty's/equipment as they come out. As a golf friendly community it is sad we have the same problem with scalpers. They are intentionally purchasing the putters with no intent to use, but rather make 100% gains. I feel like in BST since I have only been on here for a short while 99% of people are offering goods are fair prices. You the mods allow these members to offer up putters at excessive prices without making them flair it. I understand supply/demand economics, just a suggestion since we are all here because we enjoy golf, not ripping fellow members.
  7. Recently I have been finding I am standard size in Driver to Irons. However on wedges I like a midsize, I feel like i have more control over the club on those shots where I am chipping and swinging slower. I am not interlocking on my chips either, its more of a touch grip than anything
  8. I by nature of swing have high launch angle and this shaft helping bring it down, it was driving my angle of attack down as the tie in point. I dunno if it’s how I load the club or not, but the issue was feel, the Nippon felt better, but the data was more supportive of a LS shaft… I chose the Nippon and ran into supply issues but we will see how these LS shafts work out!
  9. I’d agree pace is more important than skill. My CC is great, can play 5somes and we still pace at under 4 hours. I’d be hesitant to join that pretentious of a club. I’d be more interested in one with a Marshall that keeps pace.
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