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  1. If you are ok with PX LZ 6.0 shaft and switching grips/loft/lie separately you can get from carls golfland in 2 days. had a custom order in which was delayed for weeks, so cancelled and went this route as i was getting that shaft anyways. Great clubs!
  2. this, unless the caddy is putting for me. Along the same vein wonder how playing with a course green book helps scoring, anyone played with one vs a caddy? Are either that much extra help for normal people?
  3. Been looking at golfworks for this stuff, thanks all for the tips
  4. Also in the fluid bag camp, looking at the 4w/3 hybrid or maybe even just the 4w as courses i usually play i rarely hit my woods besides driver.
  5. Agree with the play what works sentiment. For some reason i would rather have extra wedge options than woods in the bag. Just got the t100s which PW stops at 44. Looking to have my gapping be 48-52-56-60. But may want a 62 around as well to mix in instead of the 60. Tinker away and keep what suits you!
  6. As others have stated most player/gi iron lofts are jacked up so a PW is in the old 9 iron, 43-45 range instead of 47-49. I get iron set up to PW, skip the set AW/GW, and then grab individual wedges to gap down, i like having a 48-52-56-60 mix in the bag
  7. Moved from a bit (a lot) older Titleist irons than ap2 to t100s and they feel great to me! If you want the new clubs go for it, otherwise as Hattie mentioned above some of the distances increases may be due to loft adjustments.
  8. Clean look, probably should say yes since there might hopefully be some extra forgiveness given the thickness, but I prefer a slimmer topline
  9. Need to try these suggestions, Sharpies always fade a couple holes in. Either metallic or Milwaukee better in wetter conditions?
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