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  1. I think you’re missing what is the likely option for me if available - buying unit and paying for club data and range but no courses.
  2. Well no kidding - it’s a niche part of a niche sport. I don’t expect this to sell like an iPhone. I guess should’ve added - although I thought it was obvious - an absurd number of units relative to this market/what’s been done in this part of this market up to this point.
  3. I’m sure he means all ball data plus only one club data point - club head speed. Curious if there’s a basic range software unlocked at the base price.
  4. Everybody gets that. The point is just that it’s worth the increased cost to some people to have a reliably accurate machine and not worth it to pay thousands for a machine that is not always accurate, even if it’s thousands less than the nearly-always accurate machine. Personally, I’d rather just hit into a net than use a monitor I can’t reasonably trust. That’s why this device is the one me and a lot of people I know are following so fervently. But if many people are finding the skytrak and Mevo+ accurate enough for their purposes, great. It’s just not what I want out of a monitor.
  5. It’s the same hardware. That’s about the only thing useful that came out of the HP first look video.
  6. I’ve never followed a more annoying product release in my life. They announced the product in July and sent out demos to instructors and other VIPs in early August. They send multiple teaser emails over the course of 2 months. And then here we are in late September and they’ve sent more units out, even to third party reviewers, but they still have a gag order on everybody? It’s like they’re *trying* to annoy everyone.
  7. Oh, ok, got you. I think we’re just trying to figure out how this rumored pricing makes any sense.
  8. I noticed one of the TXG guys posted a clip on their Instagram story of them hitting with the GC3 last night. Seems their input/review will be coming soon.
  9. No, with putting analysis (in addition to club data and FSX), the Quad would be 21k.
  10. I have the same thought. That’d be an 11k difference between a Quad with club data and FSX and a GC3 with the same features, minus loft, lie, club path, impact location, and rate of closure analysis. I can’t imagine an 11k difference for just those data points makes sense. We seem to be missing something.
  11. Any idea on whether there’s something in between - e.g., the launch pro with club and ball data but with only minimal software features for 5k?
  12. I’m not the one that keeps making this thread about the Mevo, dude.
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