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  1. Thank you for the detailed analysis and feedback, it is massively appreciated. Your breakdown is so helpful in pinpointing my swing issues. I didn’t realize how much head travel I had, and that is definitely something for me to work on. It seems like a hip rotation and shoulder issue that is prompting the head travel, so I’ll have to find some drills to help correct that. Your description of me firing my right hip towards the ball is spot on. I’m going to try and focus on having my left hip turn backwards, rather than having my right hip pivot around my left hip. The grip change is something I will try as well. I struggle with losing control of the face and have tried a stronger grip with rotating my left hand to show more knuckles, but it never felt comfortable. Your suggestion to adjust my thumb and index finger position on my right hand is much more comfortable and makes me feel like I have better control of the club. I can’t thank you enough for your analysis! cheers, Kris
  2. Looking for some swing help as I am struggling with consistency with my swing, but my misses with my driver and irons aren’t the same. My miss with my driver is a slice, but my hybrid or irons don’t slice, at most a push or a pull. Any insights on my swing issues would be hugely appreciated. Swing videos below are my driver swing, hybrid 3 iron, and 7 iron. IMG_8977.MOV IMG_8982.MOV IMG_8983.MOV
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