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  1. what hybrid setup did you settle on in the end?
  2. what hybrid setup did you settle on in the end?
  3. I’m a very shallow player & my swing path is 7-10 in to out. Hybrids, usually, are left biased. My coach recommended I try a driving iron to get some added height & stopping power (compared to my old 4 iron).
  4. Interesting take. I completely forgot to take into account of the role of my 4 iron. I found its actually my main club off the tee for “safety” shots. When I need a 210 yard fairway finder. Also some shots for short par 5s. Maybe I should put it through a test, compare how the traditional 4 iron, hybrid & driving iron performs.
  5. Ive been thinking about that. The ZX5 looks so good at address!
  6. This is a tough one. But if money was no object... Driver: Taylormade Sim2 All Black 9 / Diamana ZF 60 X Fairway: Taylormade Sim Titanium 15 / Diamana RF 70 X Hybrid: Callaway UW 19 / Diamana RF 80 X Irons: Miura TC 201 4 - 9 / Project X LZ 6.0 blackout Wedges: Artisan 45 50 55 60 / KBS Tour Wedge 120 Putter: Tiger's backup Scotty Cameron ^ putter alone is worth a cool $400k
  7. I'm currently using the ZX7 irons. And I'm in-between minds on what to do with my longest irons. I like the ZX7 4 iron, but I'm wary on losing distance on the occasional mistrike. My friends recommends I go hybrid. My coach recommends I go driving iron. My ego recommends I stay with my 4 iron. Help settle a debate for me? For context, my distances (carry) are: 3 hybrid: 228 yards 4 iron: 210 yards 5 iron: 197 yards 6 iron: 185 yards
  8. I was caught by PXG's 50% blow out sale last year and tried their Gen2 fairway wood & hybrid. All I've got to say is that they're probably one of the worst products I've ever tested. The Gen2 fairways spin so much, and after checking it under a digital loft scale my 15 degree fairway turned out to be at 18 degrees! That's just ridiculous. The hybrid wasn't any much better, the thing just wanted to go left for some reason. Anytime I was 220 in, I'm laying up. Rather than losing a ball OB or have my third shot from a bunker - pretty dissapointing. So yeah, PXG's aren't all that it promises to be.
  9. I'm looking on switching irons, and was very intrigued on the idea of combo-ing a set instead of going the traditional 4-Pw route. My very first set was a set of nike vapor pro combo irons - which are my favorite irons to this day. Anyone got any recommendations?
  10. I love your commitment to analyze and try new gear!
  11. Hey I have a question regarding single length shafts. I recently got fitted for Edel SLS irons and found that I was having a difficult time getting enough height on my long irons. I have quite a fair amount of speed & actually hit my ball quite high. So this is quite odd to me that I can't launch my edel irons. I wanted to ask if anyone has any solution for me? Maybe fit a different shaft or add weight to the head? Maybe increase the shaft weight? Here are my specs: Club/Length/Lie/Loft/Sw 3/37/62/20/D0 4/37/62/23/D0 5/37/62/26/D0 Shafts are all Paderson Kinetix LIP-40 (long iron profile X flex) I usually carry my 5 iron 185, 4 iron 198, and 3 iron 210
  12. Callaway don't produce good retail products. They water down the consumer equipment and focus on tour only equipment
  13. This year, my putting improved tremendously after buying a putting mirror. Seriously. That baby is worth more than any of the putters I have in my garage
  14. try the srixon zx5s, honma tw x, mizuno jpx 921 forged
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