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  1. It's probably better than the chart indicates. Unless you play a particularly lush course I'd expect the 6 and 7 to have more roll out than the chart shows, making their gapping closer to that of the short clubs.
  2. Gyroscopic effect is imparted on a bullet by rifling, but since the bullet rotation isn't on the same vector as its direction it doesn't work the same way. A bicycle, where the wheels rotate in the direction of travel, is a good analogy to a golf ball. Gyroscopic effect keeps the bike from falling over and on a straight course unless other forces come into play. To make the bike turn takes a combination of turning the handlebars and leaning into the turn. The leaning is similar to adding side spin on the ball. The slower the rotation of the wheels the less leaning it takes to turn, the faster the rotation of the wheels the more leaning it takes to turn.
  3. +1. The only thing a 1/8" deviation will affect is one's OCD.
  4. Two ways to counter the effects of getting old are to increase wrist c0ck and hip rotation. I didn't use much of either forty years and fifty pounds ago, and I had no trouble driving it 275 yards with persimmon heads, steel shafts and balata balls. As I got older I had to improve my technique to compensate for the decrease in upper body strength and speed. On the equipment side I've moved from S to R to A shafts over the years, lightening them as well. Every switch gave me back a little bit of what I'd lost. That said, I'm still down to 220-225 driving distance. That's not bad for 72 years old, but to maintain a 12 HCP means having a good hybrid and iron game.
  5. Another way to look at it is the higher the loft the more the backspin, which dominates the overall result via gyroscopic effect.
  6. Callaway has come a long way with their wedges, they're designed by Roger Cleveland.
  7. I can see that. At my club we usually have an end of season 3 club plus putter competition where I use 3H, 7I and SW. Instead of using driver and short iron I hit the 3H twice and so forth, and I usually score within 4 strokes of my average. But in regular play I want those four strokes.
  8. Changing loft via the shaft adapter also changes the face angle, which factors into the result.
  9. Going down the rabbit hole we are. Grip size is like shaft length, shaft weight, swing weight, static weight, shaft stiffness and ball choice. There's no formula that applies to everyone, so you find what works for you and don't worry about why it does.
  10. Walking shoes when on my backyard mat. I wear golf shoes for grip on damp grass and uphill/downhill/crosshill lies. My mat doesn't have those.
  11. I do exactly that when I want to be sure of going right, or not going left. With driver I put the ball just off my left heel, which in my case keeps the face just a bit open. If I want to take right out of the equation I move the ball up two inches, to be sure the face is either square or a bit closed. The same technique works with all my clubs, with each being a little further back as I go down the set, until I get down to the wedges. They've got too much loft to respond much to the face angle at impact unless I really open or close it.
  12. You go from 7I to GW? What about 8I, 9I and PW?
  13. I wouldn't use anything else at this point. When others have offerings the size of JumboMax Small I'll consider them.
  14. It also takes a lot of lie angle adjustment to have a significant effect on the ball flight path. Your swing is the main factor in whether the ball goes left or right. Changing lie angle is just a very fine tuning of the result, and since your swing is what counts the most you need to see how the clubs react with your swing before deciding if lie adjustment is warranted, and if so in which direction.
  15. I didn't think the question was disrespectful. It would be better to ignore the classification 'senior flex', and for that matter all of the currently used classifications. The primary consideration for flex should be swing speed, not the age or sex of the golfer, so that's how they should be rated.
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