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  1. Another update on my swing journey. I really worked on lower body stability and getting rid of my reverse pivot in my backswing today. I think my top of backswing is a little too far and excessive again but I was focusing on lower body more. I am really excited because I feel like I somewhat tied in a decent lower body and upper body and I think I felt actual compression for the first time today. Even more exciting is I think I have a general idea of what a proper swing should feel like now - even though I have tons still to work on. I am going to work on refining these moves for the next week or so now and see where I need to improve from there. I was actually drawing the ball sometimes today! DTL: Face on: Face on full speed:
  2. Thanks for the reply @Valtiel. The feel I have that causes me to turn my head like that is I think from trying to make a full shoulder turn while keeping my head still and not moving off the ball while also trying to transfer pressure into my right side. I honestly don't really know why my head tilts like that though.. You think that head tilt could be causing or contributing to my left leg collapsing? I will work on and pay attention to my head at the range tomorrow. Just so I know what to look for and can try to self correct when you say "reverse pivot" you are referring to the left leg and my spine angle at the top of backswing? Edited to add: I think I had way to much weight and pressure going jnto my right leg so the feel I used to somewhat fix (or improve is a better word) my left leg bending in and collapsing was I kept more weight and pressure in my left side toe area and really felt like I was still using some weight to push my left knee down and forward instead of letting it move in. Maybe feeling like I am staying 50/50 the whole time will help more?
  3. @BraxtonFullerton & @Valtiel I think I had a breakthrough. (but I don't want to get to excited until I hear from you all). I fixed my clubhead path concept this morning and I made really big progress on my lower body movements and stability, at least in the backswing. I realized the root cause of my lead side collapsing in the backswing was because of my weight shift/pressure was wrong I think. That is probably one of those things that just can't be diagnosed from video properly also. Anyway, any input on my progress? Am I heading in the right direction now? I am sorry about the bad DTL angle everyone, I know it is going to be wrong for angles but I had to avoid hitting towards the farmhouse haha. DTL: Face on: Face on full speed:
  4. Okay so, I think I am getting somewhere. I went to the range for a bit this morning and really tried to reverse my backswing and downswing paths. I realize I am probably too much outside now with the clubhead but at least it is the opposite of what I was doing. I definitely need to keep working at it but my strikes were feeling better when I made solid contact. How do these new videos look compared to the other ones? DTL (sorry about the low angle): Face on: Face on full speed to view my tempo and flow:
  5. Thanks @BraxtonFullertonfor the feedback and advice! I am curious if my swing looks like it seems better here? @Valtiel Something I am struggling with is my distance from the ball at setup. Does this still look like I am too close to you? If so the thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is if I stand further from the ball then I feel like I need to bend over more to get the clubhead to the ball, which seems like my posture gets messed up then? Speaking of posture, do you see any other issues with mine? Maybe I need to get fitted for irons at some point but I am 6' tall so pretty standard I assumed. DTL: Face on: Here is another full speed video, I am curious if this looks somewhat better? Still looks "sloppy" to me though... From these videos from what I can tell it looks like I am having a really hard time shallowing the club. Is this still from backswing faults? My swing felt better but I know I am not being efficient because the ball was not going super far... I guess I would rather have a consistent speed than distance at this point though.
  6. Hey all just posting an update and hoping to get some feedback on some thoughts I've had and things I've been noticing as I have been trying to work on my swing and use @Valtieladvice. Also, @BraxtonFullertonthat first drill was really helpful! Here is an updated face on: Here is an updated DTL: I do notice I am still slightly moving my head closer to the ball in my backswing and I am pretty sure it is from adding too much right side bend. As soon as my downswing starts and I start getting rid of right side bend it seems like my head also moves back to the starting point. Is this something that is contributing to my (what I am guessing still looks like) my over the top move? Or is it something I can remove from conscious thought at this point and focus on other things? I struggle with too many swing thoughts so I am trying to prioritize (or learn really) what my biggest faults are. I do notice my head moves down a fair amount and stays down throughout the swing too though, is this a problem? Also here is a video of a swing in full speed: It almost seems like I look way too "loose" or unstable or something? I have been really focusing on trying to stay loose so I can feel and try to use the weight of the clubhead to hit to increase my speed and distance. I was hitting some pretty decent (for me) shots at the range but I just don't know if the full speed swing looks correct?
  7. This is gold! That makes sooo much sense, and probably explains why I feel this "urge" to throw the club back further in transition as well. Thanks for all the other advice as well, I will work on everything for another week or two here and hopefully have some nice improvements to show!
  8. @Valtiel So I went to the range today and paid attention the clubhead path more and I think I made good progress and I believe this looks more like what I’m aiming for. It just seems like for whatever reason I have a harder time not coming over the top idk. it also seemed to make my arms and hands raise up further than my shoulder line. I attached a screenshot of one of my swings to show you what I mean. Is this something I should be concerned about? does it at least look like I’m back on track here? From my limited knowledge it looks like in my downswing my sequencing is way out of wack and I am doing most of the swing leading with my arms ... here is the screenshot from a different swing where I am worried my arms are getting too high and I am losing depth (if I am understanding depth correctly): DTL: Face on:
  9. @ValtielThanks so much for calling my attention to this, again amazing reply! I will continue to work at it, slow things down, and really make sure my takeaway and backswing are in a good position before I move on! I'm pretty sure I know why my takeaway got worse, I was noticing my arms were getting really high at the top of my backswing and I was losing depth (I thought so at least), so I was focusing on keeping my hands/arms low and inside in the takeaway to help keep my arms lower, more behind me, and more across my shoulder line at the top of the backswing. This seemed to give me more depth and keep my arms from getting too high but clearly it made my club path worse. One question I have is how do my arms look in the takeaway and backswing? The reason I ask is I think I can get the club moving better by adjusting my wrist hinging to account for my new (lower and inside) arm movement, but maybe that is the wrong way to go about it and my entire arm movement is wrong...
  10. I think the site is having issues with downloading files so I uploaded the swing videos to youtube if anyone wants to take a look that way. Here is the DTL: Face on: And here is the shank video:
  11. Im getting the same thing, trying to download my own uploaded video takes me to "sorry this file is not found" page. I workaround for now that I found is if I visit the forum on safari on my iPhone I am able to view the videos. But chrome on OSX is not working.
  12. Hey all! Another update on my swing after a few weeks. I really feel like @Valtielhelped me a ton with the explanations of what I need to work on. I feel like I have taken out of bunch of the unnecessary movements. my swing feels better but I noticed now I am hitting shanks which I never used to do. I attached a third video of one of the shanks. that must mean I am changing my swing to now be hitting shanks…hopefully in a good way haha. But maybe I am standing to close to the ball? Or if anyone has any other ideas on what’s causing this I’d love any feedback! FullSizeRender.mov IMG_4804.MOV And here is the shank video: IMG_4800.MOV
  13. @ValtielSorry about such a long delay with my reply! Thank you sooo much for such a detailed breakdown, I have been practicing everything you said almost every day and I feel like I have fixed some of it, still working on other parts! I am hoping I will have improved enough by the end of the season to post an updated swing that hopefully looks much better! Seriously, thanks a ton for the feedback I really appreciate it!
  14. Well, this is kind of turning into a swing progression type thread but I am super excited because I think I finally figured out how the hips are supposed to move in the downswing. At least more so than I was doing before…hopefully. I am posting my newest swing, I am not hitting real balls in these videos but I think it shows the new body movements I have been working on. @Valtielif you have done any analysis on my other vids yet it would be awesome if you could take a look at these new ones, I don’t expect you to use them for the breakdown but maybe just to tell me if it looks like I’m moving in the right direction compared to my prior videos. sorry for all the posts but I think I’ve finally had sort of an “aha” moment with the lower body. I know I still have tons of work to do though. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
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