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  1. +1 on lie that was entered into the notes and not on the invoice standard length, swing weight D4-D5
  2. I had a fitting last Thursday with Jason. He was great and even gave me some swing tips to help with improving contact. Went in looking for the either TAIII or the 639CB and after hitting the TAIII put together an order:
  3. I just got fit onsite last Thursday and was able to try the 002 mid mallet. It has a plumber neck with about 30* toe hang good for a slight arc swing like mine. Weight was good and feel off the head was smooth. Placed an order that night. https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-sycamore-002-mid-mallet.html
  4. What finish and shafts did you order? I just scheduled my onsite fitting for next Thursday Sept 23rd
  5. Update on the demos - The TAIII in raw finished arrived - and I've tried them out in 2 range sessions. The 639 MB Plus are out of the running. The TAIII have dynamic gold S300 shafts - RAW finish The 639 CB are KBS Tour R shafts - Black Finish my monitor shows same swing speed and ball speed for both clubs After looking at the RAW finish vs the Black I'm leaning towards the RAW finish just in how it feels when touching the club, it also has a nice metal smell that i noticed when inspecting the clubs. The TAIII is winning based on feel when hitting the ball and the fact that the mis-hits are no worse than the 639 CBs. I was fit into a steelfiber shaft R flex at club champion and now hope that this shaft would apply to these heads. Luckily I'm close to Sub70 only 40 miles so I can get fit at their building. Thanks to @JaySub70 for passing along info on Cody who runs the demo program, otherwise I would not have received the TAIII demos.
  6. I totally agree with the demo programs. I've demoed Ben Hogan Icon Ben Hogan PTxPro Sub 70 639CB Sub 70 639MB plus Sub 70 TAIII (arriving tomorrow) right now PtxPro and Sub70 630 CB are neck and neck - but I can't get the Icon's or the TAIII out of my mind
  7. I'm currently testing the 639 CB and 639 MB plus, I also have the TAIII are set to arrive tomorrow. I've been able to hit both on average I'm getting about 5 yds more carry on the CBs vs the MB plus. this is using my Swing Caddie 300i at the range. If the TAIIIs show same performance as the MB Plus I may pull the trigger on the TAIII in black because they look so good.
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