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  1. Would you not still want to check if it fits you for loft/lie etc? It was a panic buy as the evnroll sold quicker than expected so I only know the length... Maybe I should just ride the wave while its working. Plus, I've had this before with putters, first few rounds I am money, then poof, it's gone. Unfortunately I can't afford a new putter every month but I've seen a lot on this forum where people have a few putters in a rotation. Seems like a good way to go maybe...
  2. It may well have to stay, hoping to get some insight from the fitting on loft and lie and maybe he can make adjustments on the spot. Interested to try out a few different faces now to compare feel/sound based on these comments. Appreciate the input. Starting to see why there are so many different threads on putters as I'm guessing this is on scratching the surface
  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try to check those out but not sure he'll have those, looks like they are slightly older. Looking forward to trying a few different models to see the differences. Up until I got this ping putter, sound is something i truly havent thought about on a putter, and judging by this thread and others (now I know what I'm looking for I've been down a rabbit hole or two) I may have been better off in the dark... Seems like there is way more to sound/feel than I first thought... One good putting round can seriously change the way you think about putters...
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I'll hopefully be able to check out the heppler range during the fitting, although not keen on the colour....
  5. Thanks for the reply. Interesting what you mentioned about milled and smooth face, hadn't thought about that making a difference. This ping is smooth with no sound slot and makes the click, where the evnroll was dull and completely different. I use a pro v1 so not sure if that would make a difference or not. Will definately be checking out the smooth faced putters and ones with sound slots in the fitting. Here's the anser 2 I picked up:
  6. First time posting, probably put this in the wrong place... Anyway, I recently angrily sold an evnroll er2 after a few bad rounds (I have a habit of this) and picked up a Ping anser 1959 for £60 to use until I have a putter fitting this week. Problem is, I putted lights out with this thing yesterday. No 3 putts (down from 4 the previous week), longest putt made was about 40 feet on 18 for birdie to win my match, made all putts within 6 feet, a few 8 footers, 1 12 foot plus for birdie, and had a tap in from about 50 feet. Basically felt like I could hole everything. This comes to my question. I haven't been fit for this putter, but I absolutely love the sound when you hit a putt. I guess it sounds like a kind of click but I love it. Are all ping ansers similar sounding? And what putters out in the market today sound similar? .
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