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  1. Update: T100S 4-PW +0.5 length, 2 degrees upright Modus 120 stiff shipped yesterday, Aug 24.
  2. I ordered on 7/29 T100S 4 - PW with KBS Tour Stiff + 3 SM8 Vokeys with same shaft. Called Titleist on Aug 17 and found out on that the shipment for KBS shafts that arrived mid August did not have enough shafts to cover my order. The next estimated arrival date for KBS Tour shafts was mid September, so the customer service rep told me to realistically expect a ship date in October. I was bummed about it because I'm in Western PA and I wouldn't have much time left in the season. After talking to the pro I ordered from, he checked what was in stock and was able to swap the shafts for Modus 120 S which are usually +$15 per club at no cost to me. He gave me the option to use the clubs for the rest of the season and if I don't like the shaft, he would order the KBS shafts and swap out and no cost. He made the shaft update on Aug 18 and I received an email update from Titleist on Aug 19 showing my T100S order with status "Approved" and SM8 wedges with status "In Process". The wedges shipped Saturday Aug 19 and today the irons status switched to "In Process". Hopefully that means that they are being worked on.
  3. I ordered T100S on July 29 with KBS Tour Stiff and I was told yesterday that the next shipment of KBS tours won’t arrive until mid September. So I’m looking at a October ship date most likely.
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