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  1. I would think the coast of NC, SC, or GA would be perfect. Maybe some cold days, but better than dealing with snowbirds in FL. I live i the NC Piedmont and play all year, so going to the coast in the winter is like going tropical.
  2. Now, just turned 52 and play twice a week. Once with friends and every Wed with my 21yr old son. Self employed, so I can make my own schedule and work golf in as much as possible. Not playing the best golf of my life, but the most enjoyable.
  3. I have been playing golf for about 20 years, but never played a lot or consistently until this year. I've made into the low 90's and today I played with a hurt wrist and couldn't c0ck my wrists at the top of my backswing. I played the best round of my life 89. I am very confused by this? I was hitting my driver absolutely straight and long and killing my irons. anyone have an answer of this? Should I stick with this modified swing?
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