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  1. I haven't seen distance not compute. Maybe it couldn't get a good launch angle for some reason? I'd try and move it around. Into a net if it can't get club data it will show 0 sidespin and you won't have path/face/attack but it usually still shows me distance.
  2. I don't think there's a maximum we know of... There's some longer hitters on YouTube with it showing ball speeds of 170 mph+ and I think higher swing speeds. I've had some speeds past 107 as well. One note on club speed is it's reading low a lot of times right now so you could be getting more than 107 mph but not know it. Look at the ball speed. It sucks because you can't do swing speed training where you're not necessarily concerned about the quality of the strike but if you get a good one and divide by your usual smash factor (1.44 or so is a good start if you don't know) you can approximate club speed.
  3. People are pushing for it on Garmin's forum but I really don't think it will come officially from Garmin. This type of thing undercuts some of the incentive to buy HTH or e6. The developers have stated GS Pro has an open API so I think the best hope is someone reverse engineers how the R10 sends the data to the phone and writes a bridge to get the data required to GS Pro.
  4. If you can get your hands on a PRGR or something to compare actually in your garage to, that might be best. It could be set up or interference but as others have pointed out, ball speed on this unit is really good even indoors. I had driver carries of 220 when I started and I'm up to 260-270 now as I've built confidence swinging indoors. There are others experiencing interference or other issues but the subconscious can be really powerful even when you're trying to really give it.
  5. Ultimately any launch monitorb that's capable of left/right has an alignment or calibration to identify the target line. The problem with the R10 is there is no camera to help you and also the red line on top can be a bit small. It's like aiming a gun with only the front sight. I've been able to get it pretty close eyeballing it so the final checks are really just to see if minor adjustment is needed.
  6. You can wake the device up by hitting the button on the back. Sometimes when you enter driving range it doesn't automatically wake up (as you experience) but you don't have to kill the app until it does.
  7. The unit is so easy to set up and pair as long as your range has a level surface behind you to put it on that's approximately at the elevation of the mat. The unit pairs almost instantly to the last device it was connected to. All I do is pace out my 6 feet behind, drop the unit down, turn it on and start the app and hit 2 or 3 wedge shots to verify alignment. I don't bother with lasers, levels etc. but my range has a flat paved surface behind the stalls.
  8. Sometimes there's misreads on certain metrics. If it couldn't get a club speed it can't calculate smash factor. I wouldn't trust smash factor right now anyway because club speed is bugged. If your distances were off outdoors I'd definitely check level (front to back particularly) as that will impact launch angle. Also, remember ball speeds will be down with range balls so distances compared to course will be a bit iffy. I also find roll factor to be quite conservative on the R10. Good luck!
  9. I think the roll factor is pretty conservative for driver. I'm in the same boat as you where my carry feels mostly right but total yardage can be a bit short. I notice my drives have about 15-20 yards of roll and I think a lot of mine roll out more than that. On the course I do measure some out to 270-280 and on the R10 they're carrying the 250-260 or so they should but then the roll is just leaving them a little shorter when playing Home Tee Hero.
  10. Awesome! I did not realize there was a request export on the Garmin site. I'm quite familiar with Python and Pandas so thank you for this!
  11. Outdoors I have found it very comparable to a FlightScope Range unit except something is currently wrong with club speed. Ball speed, launch angle and direction are all great matches. Carry is within the 10% you want. Indoors or into a net I think this holds true for irons. Driver may be 10-15 yards short in these circumstances. An update was supposed to improve this and some people did report improvements. Mine are more or less still similar but it's in an acceptable spot by my standards. Posted this before but here's the FlightScope Range vs. R10 data outdoors. You can see the club speed issue and backspin too low with wedges but outside club speed and spin everything else is very good.
  12. Spin at the range has been weird for me too. I don't know if it's range balls and mats but I get really low spin on irons and wedges outdoors at the range (like 4000 spin on wedges) and then I come home and hit into my net (still off a mat but at least with a quality ball) and the spin is way better.
  13. Same. I do think spin is a little better? Driver might be down a hair and I get fewer shots where the side spin doesn't work at all and you get a 0 for side spin.
  14. This would be amazing. Additionally, Garmin now syncs your range sessions on the app (including video) across multiple devices so it is being stored in the cloud somehow. Just no way to download or view it.
  15. I have tested v3.60 vs. v3.30 and for me the results were identical. Note that I've been one of the fortunate ones to be getting really good results in my indoor setup so it could just be that there was no real problem to begin with so the new firmware isn't doing much for me. We'll have to wait for more people who had issues to test. I also don't smash the ball quite like some others that have reported issues. That said, I still think driver is a hair short for me in terms of carry (maybe 10 yards still) and the roll factors are still really conservative. If you're happy with v3.30 you can probably update to v3.60 without any issues. If you have issues on v3.30 I hope this helps but I'm not sure it will. The first shot below is v3.60 and the second is v3.30. Both are on my indoor set up with about 6 feet R10 to ball and 10-11 feet R10 to net.
  16. A lot of people (myself included) don't appreciate how bad indoor or swinging into the net can be. When people say, "distance is down" I always say to check ball speed because even indoors I have found ball speed to be very good on the R10. Ball speed and launch angle give you probably 90% of what you need to calculate decent distance. If ball speed is about expected then it might be issues with launch angle and there's some options there to try and get better results but if you're fundamentally not swinging as hard that will show up in ball speed or you got a dud unit When I first got my indoor set up I was struggling to carry over 230 yards and I hit 250+ on the course quite often. After a couple weeks I'm getting out to 260-270 carry now so I've definitely become more confident and comfortable.
  17. Short answer is you can't and that's the one thing that really sucks right now. You can use e6 if you have an iOS device and the e6 portal saves your shots and you can copy out of their tables but the data they get isn't everything available on the R10.
  18. You don't need to pay anything if you're happy with the range and the 5 free courses.
  19. The R10 provides launch angle, ball speed, spin and spin axis to e6 and e6 uses its own model to calculate distances. I'm surprised it's that far off although if you're counting roll I think the Garmin app is very conservative on roll so total distance ends up short but carry between e6 and Garmin is close. If you really want to test it you can actually get both Garmin and e6 data for the same shot. Start the Garmin app and the driving range. Hit home and start e6 in whatever mode you want and hit a shot. As it's flying on e6 quickly switch to Garmin and it'll grab the shot and e6 will also have it. If you're not fast enough the Garmin app won't have all the data.
  20. The data I showed there doesn't include club data. I haven't been able to get on a unit that shows this data for me to compare. Just off feel I think the club data is going to be "generally right" but every individual swing could have some error. I don't think it's fair to say this won't help most people improve. I'm definitely not good enough to require GC Quad level of club data. I have hit more balls in the past 3 weeks I've had this than I probably did the whole season prior to this. I had an Approach G80 and an outdoor net but it wasn't very engaging to hit balls and only see such basic stats. I can now see an approximate ball flight, track my stats across range sessions and play simulated rounds. The R10 motivated me to build my garage set up so I can continue to practice over the long Canadian winter.
  21. Correct. The license binds to a device and you can unbind it to assign to another but I don't know if there's a limit to that per year or something.
  22. Unfortunately none of the places I've been able to compare to report the club data. I'd love to be able to get some data on that. From "feel" I think it's similar to spin where if you hit 50 shots and looked at them all you'd generally have an okay match but any given shot could be off a decent amount. I think of it as a "bonus" to the ball data being provided.
  23. Most of the problems people are having are into a net. I've still had relatively good numbers indoors into a net with the exception of driver being 10-15 yards short. I think Garmin over-promised by saying only 8 feet to the net was required. I have about 10-11 in my garage and the test I did with GC Hawk was about 11-12. Calibration may help for those that are having a problem with launch angles. All you need for a good distance is speed, launch angle, spin and spin axis. We know spin is going to be what it is with this but speed has been good for me so perhaps a way to calibrate the launch angle will really dial it in. Here's the same plot with horizontal deviation added. It's "generally okay". The scale can be a bit deceiving as a point "close" to the line could still easily be 10-15 yards deviation different so those thinking about this unit have to decide if that's something they're willing to accept.
  24. I think there definitely is hope since for 80% of the answer the R10 is doing a good job. I found similar results against a GC Hawk indoors where ball speed and launch angle was very good. On spin I will say it's a bit interesting because I get much better spin rates indoors (I do get wedges to spin closer to the expected 9k+ RPM indoors) except indoors my R10 seems to overestimate spin. I found that when I tested against the GC Hawk. I'm also not 100% sure how FlightScope Range calculates spin as well being radar based (likely some model applied over the long ball flight and some hidden club data?).
  25. So I got some time at a place with a FlightScope Range unit today and here is the data from about 60 shots with 5 clubs. The conditions were pretty calm so I don't think wind was a huge factor here. The R10 was set up about 6 feet behind (couldn't measure) and roughly 1.5" below due to the mat. This was outdoors with range balls but this place had ones in decent condition. The graphs show the R10 on the y axis and the FlightScope data on the x axis. The line is y = x so basically the closer each point is to the line the more both units agree. Points above the line are higher on the R10 and below are higher on the FlightScope. You can see the R10 really excels at ball speed and launch angle (the bias horizontal is likely slight alignment difference). The vertical launch angle was about 1 degree higher on the R10 pretty consistently which may be due to the height below the mat or distance from the ball I had. Carry was actually usually higher on the R10 and total distance wasn't bad as well. Spin is where things are a bit messy. The R10 was consistently low which is different than my testing indoors against the GC Hawk. It also had a lot of issues reading higher spin accurately. Sidespin was generally directionally okay with some shots reporting the wrong spin but over a large dataset I think you would be generally correct but any individual shot has the potential for some pretty high error. Club speed is the only thing that's disappointing considering it was so good on the G80. Overall, for $600 you're getting what I think is fair. I couldn't get club data but launch conditions are fundamentally being captured well outdoors.
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