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  1. That's why I'm asking for opinions on all that. Literally looking for people to say I like this putter bc of this or not this one bc of that. As for how much toe hang,offset,heavy etc.
  2. I have only been golfing 3 yrs have small arch In my putter swing, using a Scotty blade at the moment looking for people's opinions on good toe hang putter. I was looking at evnroll 2 but read alot of people saying they feel dead. Any help greatly appreciated
  3. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    Never tried a autoflex they are so expensive but wouldn't be opposed to it
  4. Who swings this shaft looking to replace my Hzrdus hulk with it, curious if any doesn't like it before I pull the trigger
  5. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    I'm definitely going to get the blue rdx to try
  6. I have one in my titleist tsi4 and I also use the hzrdus hulk. I'm try to use the blue also in my sim 2 I was hoping tipping it would somewhat make it in between the two. Like stout like the hulk but will the rdx blue feel if that makes sense
  7. Ok so I guess I should be asking has anyone tip trimmed a Hzrduz blue smoke rdx before? What were the results.
  8. Is tipping a driver shaft .5" worth anything or is 1" minimal? Shaft is hzrdus smoke blue rdx
  9. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    Now that's a test, holy cow I need your money lol
  10. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    I think I narrowed it down to Ventus black 7x Lagolf Tour Axs Blue Hzrdus Hulk
  11. Ok thanks if I had a chance to hit one tipped side by side that would be awesome but I don't
  12. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    I'm honestly just one of those guys who likes options. Yes high launch and spin. With hulk and smoke blue rdx in my tsi4 I have around 2100 spin. I was looking at lagolf shafts Also I started golf with a 2016 m1 and then tsi3 now tsi4. Kinda wanna give taylormade another run
  13. New_Guy

    Sim 2 Guys

    Curious how that ad xc-6x ends up
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