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  1. I still have a set of I506's and love them but they didn't win when I did my own shootout compared to other irons I own. I'll probably still keep them regardless, just reshaft them or something
  2. Now since I'm not a robot, and recovering from back surgery, I've been testing all these irons together and separately for multiple sessions over the past couple weeks. Somedays I'm better than others but this snap shot is an average of the last 10 shots. All the lofts and lie angles were adjusted to match. The same ball and launch monitor were used. KZG and Srixon both have RP Project X shaft, the Mizuno's have Oban shaft. Swing weights vary quite a bit, the Mizuno's are D0, Srixon's D4, and KZG's are D7 Club Ball Smash Launch Spin Height Carry Total KZG Evolution (2004) 81.9 117.3 1.43 21.4 5865 99.4 170 180 Mizuno HMB (2020) 84.0 116.0 1.38 20.4 6782 95.7 166 176 Srixon I-506 (2006) 86.0 115.5 1.34 20.7 6917 97.8 165 174
  3. Just did a test myself with two sets of irons that were 15 years old vs a newer set from last year. My older sets (were fitted for me mind you) and performed the same or better than the newer set. So I'm selling the newer set since they have better resale value. I had all 3 sets checked for loft, lie, length, flex, etc to make it a fair comparison and tested them all on the same calibrated launch monitor, same ball and over multiple days just to keep things fair.
  4. Thank you, I was kinda figuring. I would guess some think gloss is more resistant to damage but just figured I'd ask in case I was missing something
  5. Is there really much a difference here? Plus or Minus to either one?
  6. That's the kicker there though, Lou was with Decade, then leaves and all of a sudden Arccos has the same/similar stats. We don't know all the details but we'll all see how this shakes out.
  7. Definitely going to be more open minded about equipment as well and consider this.
  8. I wasn't too surprised with the irons but yeah like your R510, I figure I'll seem more improvement with newer woods vs my Srixon Z-RW and Sonartec 3-wood Yeah the loft jacking of clubs is also why I recorded all the specs on the irons first. Sure my Mizuno 6 iron is a little longer but it's also 36° vs 38° with the Srixon or KZG
  9. I agree, I'm not too surprised by these irons numbers and I expect I'll see a wider gap when I go through my hybrid and wood evaluations.
  10. Once upon a time, I was a club fitter/builder, then left the game, and recently had back surgery. So now with getting back into the game, recovering from back surgery, and selling off most of my equipment, I'm left with 3 sets of clubs, down from 10 , so I'm making progress haha. I built so many to try out and experiment with different heads, shafts, etc but I was always very picky about which clubs would stay in my primary set. So now that I have a different profession, I want to get down to 1 set of clubs. I'm going through a similar approach to how I would choose clubs to be in my primary set.. Here's a snapshot of yesterdays session. The Srixon and KZG sets I build back in 2006ish The HMB's I traded for recently. Lofts were checked prior to hitting, All the other specs were recorded as well and will need to be dialed in a little more once the final set is chosen. I just finished PT and started fitness training again so I'm not as consistent as I used to be but it's a start and a process.
  11. Often (not always) the same hacks that want to give you (unsolicited) lessons about your swing
  12. Same when I recently went through (Bettinardi) and others are like this, which I agree,I think it's the best approach
  13. Cajones for sure! He has swagger for sure!
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