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  1. Currently sitting on 13 putters. Having a Christmas Eve Last Man Standing Match with them
  2. Kyfra

    PNC 2021

    It's been on since noon EST
  3. I'm a recent convert.
  4. Just grabbed one of these from Golfpartner. 109 after discount. Can’t wait to hit it but weather might not cooperate soon.
  5. JGR Forged Hybrid IRONS. Better? I assumed the irons part was implied. SGI rather than just GI but I lump those together https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/en-us/clubs/archive/2016-models/jgr-hybrid-forged
  6. Bridgestone JGR Hybrids are as forgiving as it gets in this category
  7. Meridian Putters 30% off today. You're supposed to sign up for their mailing list but the code is BLACKCYBER30. Check play it again sports if you have one near you. 33% off everything in store at Greensburg Pa. Some pretty nice deals to be had. Ping G400, G410, newer Callaway and Cobra drivers... All around $160 after discount
  8. Rock Bottom and TGW usually have good deals. I ordered a pair of these today https://bananarepublicfactory.gapfactory.com/browse/product.do?pid=964953
  9. Hope you got this. I had to resist the urge to bid late
  10. I play a lot of early morning golf and the TM quiver is perfect. https://www.amazon.com/TaylorMade-Quiver-Pencil-Strap-Stand/dp/B091SP64SQ
  11. Can you list those from left to right? Tks
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