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  1. Stop trying to reach the green with a 3 iron out of the deep rough or in the trees. Just take your medicine and lay up. (But of course that's not going to happen, since this is golf and that 1 shot out of 20 that works keeps you coming back for more...)
  2. So I picked up Monte's videos and plan to try and use them exclusively this winter to work on my game. In watching No Turn Cast, I understand that the club will never actually cast out to 8 O'clock, since you will be rotating also. My question with NTC is, ideally in the transition/downswing, when the club gets back to parallel with the ground, where should the butt of the club be pointing, and where should your belt buckle be pointing. Should you be all squared up again with the butt pointed at the target and your belt buckle at the ball? I'm naturally a little steep in my downswing and want to make sure I'm not getting the club too far behind me when trying to cast to 8 O'clock. I'm sure this must be covered somewhere in this thread, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to search individual threads or forums. Thanks!
  3. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Thanks. They're not open yet, so i thought I'd reach out to jay. Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like i didn't trust you, but since you said "i believe", I was just looking for confirmation.
  4. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Great. Thank you! @JaySub70 can you confirm that the it is the same adapter as taylormade?
  5. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Well, I ordered a full set of Sub70 irons. I was going to go with the pxg 0211, but something about sub70 really drew me in and the cyber monday discount sealed the deal. Now I'm thinking about ordering a driver from them. Does anyone know if I can get extra adapters from sub70. I couldn't find any aftermarket ones anywhere. I don't really want to pay an extra $250 for another ventus blue. Though $100 for the av raw seems like a pretty good deal...
  6. Forget you ego and use what you can hit most consistently. Your ego will get a boost when you post the low score of the round.
  7. I have an old set of taylormades that i take to a range with crappy balls and one day my 7 iron head flew off. I just found the cheapest somewhat decent 7 iron on ebay since it was cheaper than reshafting. Callaway apex cf19 with catalyst 50 senior flex. I have had no problem hitting it, though balls sometimes sail pretty high. So a truely random club.
  8. I'm considering getting this same combo, but with the satin heads. Would you suggest hard stepping if you had it to do over? Do they feel loose? Any dispersion issues? Thanks!
  9. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Thanks! @JaySub70, do you know where I could find the swingweight of the 699 and 699 pro with the Aldila NV 95 and Lamkin Crossline Midsize? Could I request it to be made to a D2?
  10. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Do you know what the cyber monday deal will be?
  11. The potential issue is that pxg irons are already 1/2" longer than most.
  12. Discount Dans. They had excellent prices when I ordered in the fall.
  13. Well, with all of the praise people have given Monte, I decided to buy the videos with his Black Friday sale. I'm excited to get started!
  14. So I've had a couple of questions about Top Golf if anyone knows the answer. 1. Does their tracking system take into account the limited flight nature of the balls. So maybe the ball only travels 150 yards but it reports 170 because that's how far a normal golf ball would have gone. 2. The only Top Golf I've gone to is 3 stories tall (I assume they are all multiple stories). If you hit from the top level, does the tracking system slope adjust your distance to report as if you were hitting from the ground level. Just trying to figure out if any of the numbers their system spits out are meaningful. If not that's fine, some of the games are still fun.
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