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  1. You can always finish a morning round, same can't be said for twilight
  2. IIRC, PXG basically charges pretty close to full retail price for the steelfiber upgrades, so if you know you like the FCs, you can always just order with a set of no upcharge shafts and then reshaft them. If you want to try the steelfiber FCs during your fitting however, then definitely call the fitting location to find out if they have them.
  3. SOLD! Set of Light, Medium, and Heavy superspeed training sticks in good shape. $150 PP g&s shipped CONUS. Ships to verified paypal address only.
  4. For sale is a Garmin Approach R10 in great shape. I unfortunately injured myself and won't be able to swing a club for a while, so I'm letting this go. SOLD shipped CONUS. Paypal G&S only. Thanks!
  5. I guess you're right on that. I was j just going on what I remembered from the top speed golf video. I might have to watch that video again. But thinking about your comment, if you are heel down and open for example it might look perfectly square.
  6. So my divot board came in today and I took a few swings on it and it meets my expectations. I attached a picture that looks a tiny bit fat, a little off the toe, a little toe down and an in to out path. Something that I would just be guessing at otherwise. However after only about 30 swings, the surface is obviously getting a little beat up. I would guess that some of the sequins will start to break soon, but enough of them will remain in tact to still be able to be useful for the 3000 swings that they advertise.
  7. I have one on order and plan to use it indoors over the winter to work on my swing without actually hitting balls. Clay Ballard from top speed golf did a review of it. It seems like it would work well to see club path, if you are hitting toe down or heel down, and of course where your divot starts. I'm not sure how much value there is if you are actually hitting balls at the range since you will be able to see the ball flight and of course know if you got it fat or to thin.
  8. The place near me with trackman bays uses them primarily for sim play and lessons. So the other day when I went in to test out a couple of different driver shafts, the guy working there didn't know how to enter like "Driver - ventus" and "Driver - rdx" etc. Instead he suggested that I just use "driver", "2 wood", "3 wood" etc for each combo. Which, to be honest, got a little confusing for me to keep track of. Could someone let me know how to do this. I'm sure that this must be really easy to do since every fitter does it. Thanks!
  9. I find that if you waggle your club head or have any sort of pre shot routine you need to then let the club head settle and be still for about a second or two before taking your swing. Otherwise those small movements tend to confuse it and it won't read your swing.
  10. I don't have any direct experience with the accras, but when I called pxg earlier today, they told me that they launch higher and are a little softer to flex than the mmt80s.
  11. Thats what I figured, but just wanted to double check with those of you with more experience. Thanks!
  12. I picked up a pulled Tensei AV Raw shaft and everything looks fine except the very end of the tip. It looks almost as if someone took a knife and cut up at a diagonal towards the center along the very last 1/8 or 1/4 inch of the tip. It's not clear to me if it's all epoxy that they were trying to cut away or what. I'm not describing it very well, but have included a couple of pics to help. My question is, is it ok to just drill out the old epoxy from the center and put a new adapter on it since the epoxy will fill in that extra space, or do I need to trim it flat. I'd like to try and avoid trimming if possible since all I have is a carbide hacksaw and I'm not sure how good it will be at trimming just that tiny bit at the end. Thanks!
  13. elsie451

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Ordered on Cyber Monday with a "2-3 week" estimated shipping time, but just got my shipping notification only 5 days after placing my order! Now for the slowest part of the process...waiting for UPS.
  14. Stop trying to reach the green with a 3 iron out of the deep rough or in the trees. Just take your medicine and lay up. (But of course that's not going to happen, since this is golf and that 1 shot out of 20 that works keeps you coming back for more...)
  15. So I picked up Monte's videos and plan to try and use them exclusively this winter to work on my game. In watching No Turn Cast, I understand that the club will never actually cast out to 8 O'clock, since you will be rotating also. My question with NTC is, ideally in the transition/downswing, when the club gets back to parallel with the ground, where should the butt of the club be pointing, and where should your belt buckle be pointing. Should you be all squared up again with the butt pointed at the target and your belt buckle at the ball? I'm naturally a little steep in my downswing and want to make sure I'm not getting the club too far behind me when trying to cast to 8 O'clock. I'm sure this must be covered somewhere in this thread, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to search individual threads or forums. Thanks!
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