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  1. I am actually looking to try these once they get back in stock. But I have recently committed to Callaway ERC Softs with 4 boxes and I like them so far. I have never been one to line up markings on putts, but it’s something I am committing myself to, so the Triple Track is taking some getting used to. I found some good results and sunk some long putts already though and I have been playing around with some new techniques for lining it up with some good results. So far I am satisfied, but the WS Duo Pros also seem like a nice option. btw, I just won’t pay top $ pricing for ProV1-esque balls where I live and play. It’s just too expensive as there is thick, pr!ckerbush OB everywhere and basically any fairway misses are a lost ball.
  2. Wilson Staff D9 9* driver. Tensei CK Blue Stiff shaft. Feels great so far in swings in my yard. Looking forward to getting it out in the course. I have really become a big Wilson Staff fan this year. This is my first non-TaylorMade driver or wood I have ever owned.
  3. I just bought the 3+ wood 13.5*. I too love the looks of this line so I'll report back once I have it in hand and have hit a few.
  4. I'm considering adding the new Callaway UW 17* to my bag as a 4W/5W replacement and to mix it up with the 2 hybrid as well.
  5. I recently bought a new Wilson Staff D9 19* 3 hybrid to replace an old Nike 20* 3 hybrid. I've only used it on the range so far, but I like it so much that I just bought the 17* 2 hybrid and the 13.5* 3W+. The 3W+ will replace my 15* TM RBZ Stage 2 15* 3W. I play on very windy courses on a very windy island so if I have to try to lower the flight to cut into the wind often as I can. So depending on the conditions, my top end setup will now be rotated between: W/S D9 9* driver W/S D9 13.5* 3W+ W/S D9 17* 2 hybrid W/S D9 19* 3 hybrid Callaway Apex 21 19* 3 iron (3-GW Apex/Apex Pro combo set currently on order) I'm also considering purchasing the new Callaway UW in 17* as well to fit in the rotation as a sort of 4/5Wthat can sub out the hybrids or 3 iron. I haven't really used any other fairway wood in the bag besides a 3W since I started playing golf, other than having a Stan Thompson Ginty.
  6. I used to carry around my dad's old Stan Thompson Ginty as my rescue club. It doesn't get much cooler than that IMO, other than an odd 1 or 2 iron that looks like a butter knife, so long as you can hit it.
  7. Amazon. Also a couple for sale currently on eBay, depending on the length you want. This is the 34".
  8. New 54* vs 3 week old 60* The 54 was so money on the range yesterday. I absolutely love it and it complements 60* perfectly. I’m coming from a 52,56,60 setup where the 52 got virtually no looks as I just never got comfortable with it and it had no purpose for me. The 54* feels like magic compared and the 6* gapping and soon to be 5* down to the 49* Apex Pro 21 AW seems like the best, most versatile combo for me.
  9. Wilson Staff D9 3H Wilson Staff Infinite West Loop putter
  10. Wilson Staff D9 hybrid. I just bought a 19* 3H and took it to the range yesterday. Love the flight of it. It’s easy to launch and long. They can be had very reasonably priced as well, plus I think the design is gorgeous. 17* 2H will be mine next.
  11. Before this year and my desire to get back into golf consistently, I hadn't bought a new club since 2013. I think my purchases that year were the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 driver and 3 wood to replace the TM R510 (or R580, can't remember) driver and an even older TM System 2 3 wood (from the early-90's?), plus Cleveland CG14 52* and 60* wedges. My irons are still TM RAC LTs with Rifle 6.0 shafts bought as the floor model from Sports Authority in 2003 and my Ping G2i Anser C putter was bought around the same time. Prior to moving to the Caribbean in 2014 I was playing relatively steadily with a handicap around 12-13, but with the move I only played a handful of times per year due to life events like meeting my wife, marriage, buying a house, etc. Since those have now passed, I can devote more time and resources to my hobbies and getting active in golf again is high on my priority list, which is what led me to finally wanting new irons this year. That and recognizing that with the chrome on the iron shafts starting to peel off and rust, the writing was on the wall for my RACs. So now here I am finding some good discussions and good info on equipment, awaiting on my full bag replacement: - Apex/Apex Pro 21 irons - Wilson Staff D9 driver and 3 hybrid - Jaws Full Toe 54* and 60* wedges - a few putters - Callaway Apex UW? W/S D9 3 wood? ...still figuring out this part of the bag The above will be with me for some time though as I like to focus on my game rather than my equipment, but this has been fun nonetheless to buy some new stuff.
  12. When my new irons finally show up, I'll be 44 PW, 49 AW, 54 SW, 60 LW. Currently I'm 47 PW, 52 GW, 56 SW, 60 LB. I hardly ever take my 52 out of the bag as I just don't trust it as much as my PW and really never got comfortable with it when I bought it. I can easily take some off of my PW to cover the 52 GW on most shots, which then rolls right into my 56 or 60. I grew up with a PW or SW only and played that way for over 15 years until I finally got the 52 and 60. I'm more of a feel player than numbers guy.
  13. Loving my 60 so far. 54 is en route finally.
  14. Just came in this week. The 54 is on its way as well, even though it originally was back ordered until the end of October. Callaway Jaws Full Toe 60 10* rusting up already
  15. The stock Tensei CK Blue in stiff doesn’t sound like a bad option tbh, but I have no experience with it. It’s 67g which is heavier than my current 50g Stiff Fujikura RBZ. I suspect the weight of the D9 head is significantly lighter than my RBZ though, just based on the carbon fiber/Kevlar crown alone.
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